Mayi Ri Episode 22 | Pakistani Drama 2023

Mayi Ri Episode 22 | Pakistani Drama 2023

Hamza was looking at Aini’s picture in the Mayi Ri Episode 22. Her friend says come out, she is happy with Aini’s thoughts in her life, focus on studies, focus somewhere else, think about your future.

Fakhir remembers his Baba’s words that everyone has rights in property but no one has any share in business. It is made just for you. Samina explains to Fakhir that you have to move forward in life and face every difficulty head on. You have to use your intellect, you can’t trust anyone, not even the eyes. Anyway, I have to tell you. We are the support of each other, no one understands us.

Robbers come to Jamshed’s house at night and rob Jamshed of his mother’s jewelry. Ayesha’s mother calls her and informs her. When Ayesha tell Habib, he says you think I am lost, you lied to me that I kept the jewelry in the locker. Now sit down and cry at your fate.Along with my jewelry, there was Ayesha and Aini’s jewelry worth lakhs of crores. All this has been happening since your wife stepped here. He must have informed, otherwise how would the thieves know that he has kept jewelry in my house.

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Rahila asked the inspector to call Jamshed’s house. She was waiting for the inspector, she takes the jewelery and leaves.

Ayesha tells Aini the jewels have been stolen. Aini says Amma, what did you get after leaving the ornaments. The loss happened to everyone, didn’t it? It would be better if the ornaments were useful.

After seeing the papers, Amina’s father advises Fakhir that you talk to your uncle and the elders of the house and ask them to support you in the business, otherwise the investors will not take you seriously as a child, this is my advice, this business is yours. Let the adults handle it and focus on studying.

Mode is off. what has happened. Habib says to Raheela that Ayesha has never considered me, I have not done anything for her. In return he gave me only complaints. Habib, if I get a little space in this house, you see what I would do for you. You have always supported me. I will continue to try and see.

Fakhir’s business problem is very big. Because of Amina, help will have to be done. I think he needs distance from Fakhr. Amina had talked about studying outside of you. But we didn’t take it that seriously

Fakher comes to talk to Habib and Habib says what do I need in the meeting. This is the last chance to save the business, uncle, I was hoping that you would come, but it’s okay, I’ll see you later.

Mayi Ri Episode 22

There is a dead atmosphere in the house and you are laughing. Still pretending to get up from home. These are mother’s ornaments but now they are ours. So you’ve done it all. Alia had to do this. Don’t think too much, I thought your fear will end. Look at this, Alia, let me wear this for you.

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Habib has a very bad attitude towards Fakhir. Habib will destroy the business in his ego. He has put everything on Fakhir. By the way, did you find any investors? Seeing the bad condition of Ka Robar, he also retreated. I don’t understand where to get investors. Faraz, don’t worry, someone will find you.


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