Mayi Ri Episode 17

Mayi Ri  Episode 17

In Mayi Ri Episode 17 Zaheer Say’s By Allah, there is no such thing, a plan was quickly made and we had no such intention. The next time we make a plan, we will all go together. I will also go with you. This is all your daughter-in-law’s plan Jalti Hai Meri Ayman se. He is the smartest and most beautiful of all children.

Mayi Ri Episode 17

Fakhir Beeta, your friend came. At night, Sayed Aini’s phone was left in the car. Thank goodness that child came. Was he really not following us? The accusations he had made on me at the time of Amina Wale. Fakhir, please, there is a difference between you and me, if my family finds out, they will stop my studies. Here’s a reminder for you to remember next time before you make accusations.

I said that it is not a good omen for a chicken to run away. And some people’s eyesight is not good either.

Mother is at home but Ayesha has also come. Explain that I should meet them. Rachel came to my mother’s house because of your courage. Get her out of the house.
There is only one thing that can make peace between you and me. Leave Habib. When you can do that, come and talk to me here. Ayesha say’s Raheela in Mayi Ri Episode 17.

Mayi Ri Episode 17

Saeqa Apa is not ashamed to send me pictures. Why would my heart be seen because of these people? I didn’t want to go by myself. They are not your cousins, they should also think that I am their cousin. Create your own group.
I know very well how much difference is made with him in this house.

Aini was in a bad condition after crying. You were with your wife and you got caught by the police. You are so good you can make me laugh in any situation.
Kiran Thankyou So Much – You neither force me out nor meet Aini nor become a hero by helping her. Just do Hamza come out of your thoughts and understand the reality – beware if you ever thought about a married girl.

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Hamza calls Aini. Aini says that I asked Fakhir to return your money, but he said that I have called to inquire about your well-being. Fakher also comes there. And checks Aini’s phone. And takes out Hamza’s number
Alia, I don’t see your displeasure with me. Are two marriages not permissible? Jamshed, I hope you will give your right, you should talk to your sister and give Raheela her right.

Mayi Ri Episode 17

Fakher talks to Hamza and plans a surprise for Aini. Hamza likes you. Marry him. Aini slaps Fakhir and says you both are the ones who take decisions of Homeri’s life.

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Zaheer gets a heart attack. And in the hospital.

Aini and Fakher fight on going to the hospital.
Faraz and Habib get confused when there is a fire in the factory.
Faraz considers Habib responsible for the fire.
Saeqa and Fahmi are fighting each other.
Allah will make everything good.

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