Mayi Ri Drama Episode 19

Mayi Ri Drama Episode 19

In Mayi Ri Drama Episode 19 Aini says to Fakher I had no intention of talking to you, but Big Abu is taking too much tension. Especially about us.

We should behave well in front of them. I understand what you said, I am going out with my friends, come back and talk. Please don’t take their words seriously, everyone is emotionally blackmailing me because of them, come out of this thing, I’m leaving.

Mayi Ri Drama Episode 19

Have you seen how Habib has changed color and has also called Fahmi for help?

You keep an eye on him, Habib will not let us take anything. You keep raising problems and messing up Habib’s work to make him look bad in front of everyone and our way will be clear.

Saeqa and Faraz did not come for no reason, they came here to fulfill their purpose. He has nothing to do with his brother. Habib take them out in portions. Otherwise, they will occupy this house too.

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Saeqa’s limit is this time, she wants to devour everything alone. You want Habib and Saeqa to take their share and I leave my share in the property. It is a pity that my brother is still alive and you are fighting like this. You are talking like this.

Take midday breakfast and take medicine. Habib also wanted to talk to you.
Zaheer – Zaheer –    Fakher – Fakher –

After the death of Zaheer, look, Ayesha, Zaheer looks happy in this picture. Fakhir had arranged our wedding anniversary himself. I was happy that our son has grown up. All the happiness is captured in these pictures. Samina says in Mayi Ri Drama Episode 19. Parents cannot be more angry with their children. Why did Aini leave, Baba, I annoyed him all the time, he kept saying that I am not well.

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The business has been built by me and Zaheer Bhai together. Look, stay away from business affairs. I know how to run a business. stay away. Today Bhai has passed away and you are talking about such things. This is not the time. We will talk about such things later.

I wanted to talk to you, Raheela got a call, she also wants to go to Condole.

Mama Fakher’s father has died. I will talk to Fakher’s mother. Amina can go there at that time, I call her. Mama, all my friends are going. I am also going. Amina, Amina wait, I am also going with you.

mayi ri 19 ep

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Raheela, you are here, Jamshed, you have brought him here to condole what happened. Don’t build a wall in vain.
I don’t understand, man. Be brave, be patient. How can you leave like this Yaar – Saeqa is watching Fakhir and Amna talking.
Fakhir, says to Amna who is with me?
Please handle yourself. For yourself, for your mother, you have friends with you. And I am also with you.

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