Ehraam e Junoon Last Episode 36,37 Review


What will happen in the Ehraam e Junoon Last Episode of the drama here will be reviewed. In the latest episode, Sajila’s scenes were very interesting in which she says that these people are only looking at Shanze’s wealth. And Sajila’s eyes were on Shani’s wealth and how fast he was getting rich. She says to her mother that I am now really in love with Shani.

Ehraam e Junoon Last Episode 36,37 Review
Ehraam e Junoon Latest Episode

Ehraam e Junoon Last Episode Review

On the other hand, Shaunze’s scenes where she is trying her best to make Shani happy are superb. Sujeela tells Shani to get the house in your name. There, Shanze goes one step ahead and names the house before Shani says it.

Shani’s mother goes to Sujeela’s house and scolds her mother and Sujeela. But there is no effect on Sajila. These things could not remain hidden from Shanze as Shani’s behavior has changed. Now she sits in his office and talks to her husband in such a romantic manner. So Shanze will not tolerate this thing.

But what is it that Sajila thinks that Shanze might have fought and talked with Shani as a mirror of his ego? Shanze is treating Shani in a very strong way and she also said that I am so blind in your love that I also accept Sajila. Shanze tells Shani if you get happiness from her then get married.

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It is also possible that Shani will tell Shanze after the marriage.Maybe Shani says to Shanze that in marriage matter, my mother and sister are not supporting me, you convince them too. That they should accept Sajila.

In the teaser, you see Shanze convincing Shani’s mother to drink this bitter drink for Shani’s happiness, because I too have taken this poison. After getting married, Sajila feels that the house is already in Shani’s name, so she can do anything. She will try her best.

It seems that despite being a house name, she will not get peace and she will also talk about taking over the business. Shanze is ready to accept everything Shani says. To prove that she loves Shani.

On the other hand, Sajila, who is, will leave nothing to Shanze, Shanze is happy that at least Shani is happy.
Here is the problem that a selfish person has no limits, how can Sajila tolerate Shanze being around Shani in any way, she will also forget that she is his first wife. Now she will demand that if you love me, you should divorce Shanze.

Coming here, Shani’s intellect will work a little. What am I going to do with this girl because of which my family adjusted and I got my love Sajila, Should I kick her out at this point?
Sajila wants Shani to do this work, to give her family a true picture but Shani will not do it, due to which the conflict will increase and further fights will increase in Ehraam e Junoon coming Episodes.

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He will not let this thing happen. Shani says I am not that much of a hypocrite. Diverse cannot give, here Sajila talks with tears in her eyes. Where did your love go So he will answer it very well. The result of all these things will be that when the matter is not resolved, at the end of Ehraam e Junoon Last Episode, you will see that Sajila will get Divorce instead of Shanze and Shani will finally accept Shanze’s love.

Let us know what you guys think is going to happen in the coming episodes and the last episode in the comments.

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