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This article shares the story of the Fraud Pakistani Drama, The cast includes Saba Qamar, Mikal Zulfiqar, Ahsan Khan, Nazli Nasr, and Mahmood Aslam.

Its writer is Zanjabeel Asim Shah. Mehmood Aslam has two daughters Saba Qamar is the elder daughter while his wife is Nida Mumtaz. She wants a decent boy for her daughters which seems legitimate but Mahmood Aslam’s thoughts are too high.

Fraud Pakistani Drama

Fraud Pakistani Drama Story

He himself has supported his sister all his life and while supporting his widowed sister, his heart would have grown and his trust in Allah would have increased. There is no question for them they want factory owners without thinking why the real owner of factories would marry this middle class. On the contrary, they reject the upcoming relationships.

His sister, whom he has supported all his life, is always worried about her, and when comes to his house with the relationship of Saba Qamar, he refuses her relationship even though the nephew’s heart. He has also got a job worth 90,000 and his educational career is also very good, but his greed is too much and he breaks the heart of his sister and nephew.

Nazli Nasr Roll in Fraud Pakistani Drama

Nazli Nasr is playing the role of the sister while the nephew is Adnan Samad Khan. Adnan Samad Khan played the role of Abid in Ishqiya when he was a negative character. So Abid, even though his mustache is missing. His name is Naile and he is doing good acting, Naile is in love with Maya, so as soon as he gets a job, he comes to his maternal uncle’s house with his mother. Even though Maya doesn’t love Naile, she knows about Naile’s love and she goes to Naile’s house and gets ready with a lot of heart. He refuses even his wife cries because of shame.

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In order to get the daughter’s desired relationship, they put her profile on the internet relationship website, to find a relationship, Ahsan Khan i.e. Tabreez will be found here. He has done eight marriages, he also has a fake family. Actually, he is a boy from the inner city of Lahore and is not very educated, but he is looking for a relationship by showing himself to a Dubai businessman family. In his profile, he writes that marriage without dowry.

Now, the middle class are the real noble people, because of the lack of demand for dowry, they consider them to be very noble people, and Pakistani parents are such that no matter how much the boys keep forbidding, they never send their daughters away empty-handed, so dowry. If they don’t give money and jewels, these people also want to get money and jewels, because they take money and jewels easily, they get dizzy, Tabriz’s relationship will come, and they are greedy for Seeing the big house and the car, the father will be impressed without thinking they are relation to the lower middle that these people are going to marry her daughter.

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Tabriz’s family will live in rented cars and a house. Within two to four days, they looted everything and disappeared. Tabriz leaves Maya at the station on the pretext of taking her to Lahore by train. At one point, she will say to her father that a good woman has a good man. Why did this happen? Am I a bad woman?
So we tell you that this promise of Allah is after the Resurrection.

Because many such marriages are seen in this world, the real problem is, like every parent, these people also thought that if they wanted to get married again as soon as possible, it would have been better to apologize to their nephew and get married. Also, while Nile and his mother are good people, they would have accepted Maya even after the divorce, There is also a question, How will the divorce happen after such a fake marriage, Because Tabriz will disappear, maybe the court will give space.

However, this time, Nisar Sahib will leave Naile and choose a relationship with Mikael Zualifkar. Mikael’s wife has left him and gone to America because she does not want to stay in Pakistan, while Mikael cannot leave his family. Asma Abbas is Mikael’s mother and she arrives at Maya’s house in the process of settling her son’s house.

Relatives will advise not to tell about the first wife and child at all. When Maya gets married and reaches this house, not only will there be a child, but at some stage, his wife will also return in Fraud Pakistani Drama.
Mikael is not a negative character but Maya, who has already been betrayed, will break like this despite all the qualities of Mikael.

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Here the story will become very interesting, what will happen to Naile, Will Maya get married, Naile will marry Maya’s younger sister and it seems that Maya will adjust to Mikael and her father will also understand her. After apologizing to his sister and nephew, he marries his younger daughter to Nile. Tabriz will also be punished for his fraud along with Mikael.

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