Mayi Ri Next episode Review, and 35 Teaser

Mayi Ri Next episode, 33, 34, 35, and 36 Teaser Mayi Ri
Mayi Re is getting really interesting what will be shown in the Mayi Ri next episode? What were the interesting and stupid scenes of the Latest Episode? In today’s article, we will discuss what will be shown in the next episode of Mayi Ri.

Mayi Ri Next episode 34, 35 Review and Teaser

Habib says to Fakhir, Who are you to hold my hand?

Mayi Ri next episode

He is the husband of the one with whom you married your daughter.
Habib said that Aini is my daughter first and then your wife. After marriage, the first right over a girl belongs to her husband. If the first right was the father’s even after marriage, the structure of our society would have been different.
The next stupid scene is Ayman’s mother telling her husband that Ayman is being too involved with his tutor.
Such a big thing was missed Why Fakher is not able to take ownership of his business, The whole thing is about the document, so why so many people have missed this thing?

By taking the file, it is now known where the file went. Who is playing politics here will be a very interesting task. Here, Aini’s mother will feel that this is what the Second wife has come to home, and that is why she is teaching my husband he has come to the point of divorce. There is no doubt about it, Rahela is acting as the sweet knife and because of this, the fun within the play is doubled.

People who make more conspiracies, who dig pits for others, fall into them themselves. First of all, Habib will get angry and take this step, because if you want to punish this character in the true sense, then after the divorce, his children will not accept the father at all, and will be shown grandmother is taking a decision you have no right on this house, you are dispossessed.

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When he has no papers. The papers have disappeared. In such a case, there will be much, much more spectacle as to where the business papers have gone and everyone will be suspicious of each other.
Currently, the person who has the papers does not understand what to do with these papers, Faraz has all the papers. It is a fruit that everyone wants to eat but no one will be able to eat it, it will fall.
Habib will doubt his second wife after divorcing his first wife. His second wife will see that he has nothing and no authority in the house.

Next Episode 35  Promo

She might discuss all the things with this police officer who seems to be greedy, The officer will make such a demand from him that if she fulfills this, then it is fine, otherwise, I will open your cheat as to how you wanted to change the names of the documents. Now she can do anything to fall into his trap. After that Habib also divorced his second wife. Because the second wife chatted him.

Fakher’s character will gradually mature and he will find out where the papers have gone, he will check everyone’s body language and then he will know that it is Khala’s husband who is playing a trick. Show Faraz modifying the document in the Mayi Ri Next Episode, after which the truth will be revealed.

Mayi Ri next episode

Long story short the business will come back to Fakher but in a very bad condition, on the other hand, you will see that all the other characters will be on one side when they know that Fakher has taken over.
The ending may not be shown as interesting because the margins of a very good story are not visible.

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This drama shows that when you have everything in life, you should not run after other frivolous things. Habib got caught in the trap of a woman who ruined everything in the cycle of second marriage.
One thing is known our kings lose their thrones if they fall into the hands of the wrong woman.
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