Top 5 Pakistani Drama Actresses 2024


Pakistani drama actresses 2024 List


5. Dur e Fishan

The 5th ranked actress in Top 5 Pakistani Drama Actresses 2024 is Dur e Fashan. I remember very well the drama “Dil Raba” with Hania Aamir that came out exactly three years ago. There was a side role of Darfshan. The shape was very normal, and the roll was not that visible. She can be such a big actress in future. But with time he improved himself a lot. His acting and personality in the drama Ishq Murshid is perfect. Before that, he had already played a very big role in Kasi Tere Khudgarzi.

But there was also the problem of weight, he improved that too and created a good name in Ishq Murshid. Her practice here is very good in that the roles she gets are very good for her. If you look at this co-star, yes, he is a very versatile actor. Will she be able to do any acting? I don’t think so.
This is what has happened in the drama Kesi Teri Khodgarzi and Ishq Murshid where innocence is seen in his tone and it is natural. That’s why she looks so good and besides she is a very good actress, we have placed her at number five in the Pakistani drama actress 2024 list.

After Ishq Murshid, his drama came Khai. There too his acting according to the character looks good. I think they should have been cast. However, some of their feelings are a bit of a Pathani.

Komal Meer Pakistani Drama Actresses 2024


4. Komal Meer

Fourthly we have actresses who are very talented and have been cast in a drama that may not suit them. The name of the actress is Komal Meer. You cannot ignore Kamal Mir at all. In the past, he has played many roles where his acting has been outstanding as he has played many sad characters. There have been many dramas in the past where you have captured a little girl who has been so cruelly treated.

As many dramas as there have been in the past, where you have to show an innocent girl who is oppressed by the times, she does it very well. Her personality quality is very good, she looks small, not tall, she looks very cute, and her acting is very good.

So all these things combined make her a very good actress, that’s why we put her at number four. There are better actresses than her, I will say again, but since they are not in dramas nowadays, we are not talking about them. Komal Mir’s ongoing drama Raah Junoon. Which has Komal Meer with Danish Taimur, I didn’t like that much, although she is doing a great job in it, Danish also gave her best performance in this drama.

But many things did not match due to which the drama did not get the TRP and popularity that Danish gets for his dramas. How much you agree or disagree with this, be sure to tell in the comments.



3. Iqra Aziz

At number three, we have actresses who are very talented and have been number one or number two at some point. But nowadays as she is doing less dramas, she has become a senior actress in the drama. Talk about their talent, that’s why we don’t ignore them. Iqra Aziz is the name. Recently you watched a drama called “Mant Murad” which has ended. It was very well acted.

Regarding Iqra Aziz, I would like to say that once upon a time, not too far away, maybe two years ago, she was being cast in high-level dramas. Like Khuda Aur Mohabbat Season Three. Like her ego in the drama and getting a big role there and she has worked in very good dramas in the past too.
It is true that I Don’t Know has a timeline that is so popular that any actress takes two to three years at most. You will see very few actresses who are acting for five or six years, even for 10 years because it is very important that you can maintain your position.

After that, we will discuss here which has so far held its position very well. I have been seeing them for the last 10-12 years. He has become very famous. Maira Khan once said that it is not that difficult to be popular nowadays everyone can be. It may happen overnight, but maintaining your popularity is a huge task.

Saba Qamar Pakistani Drama Actresses 2024


2. Saba Qamar

I have placed Saba Qamar at the second number, but there are very talented and wonderful actresses on this list. I remember his drama Sar e Raah, which happened maybe a year ago, it was amazing. It had an amazing story based on seven episodes. But today she will be seen in Serial Killer which is going to be launched on Green Entertainment. A drama where again she is doing her best.

She is a very versatile actress who we call an actress who can play any kind of role, even if she has to show a very innocent, ordinary girl.

Then a girl who raises her voice for her rights or an elder sister or someone like a serial killer, all these roles suit her more than ever. I’m sure that actors like Saba Qamar are those actresses who will first play the role of heroine in their youth, then they will play the role of elder sister. Then after that, she will get the role of mother, then grandmother as you have seen many of our senior lady actors.

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Started with the role of heroine, so Saba Qamar seems to like that. There is such a feeling. Let me know how you guys feel in the comments.

Ayeza Khan Pakistani Drama Actresses 2024


1. Ayeza Khan

Which actresses do we think are number one on the first list of 2023 and 22? I’ve been reviewing it for about six or seven years before, it’s always been number one, and again in Pakistani Drama Actresses 2024, it became number one.

On my list where I am forced to say is Ayeza Khan at number 1. At the beginning of the play “Mein” you see how a desperate girl unleashes her aggression by acting in a very dramatic way. Or the girl who has also acted in many art dramas and those dramas have become huge hits. There her role was very artistic, here a completely different role, this girl has played a role where a big oppressed girl is being oppressed, and she has played it well.

Now see Jan e Jahan in the play. The drama also gets very good TRP or not, but if we talk about her acting, she is currently the leading actress of Pakistan.

Very good acting. Very lively acting, she does her work with great effort, dedication is also visible in her work. Whoever plays this role does full justice to this role. The most interesting thing is that many actresses are only working on their acting but they are not able to maintain their looks properly or if they are criticized for their looks, they are not able to digest it well and Neither improves it.


Ayeza Khan always digested people’s criticism very well and then changed her personality accordingly. She is a very good and great actress. How do you like the drama “Mein” which is almost ending now, the next episode will be its last episode.

And please let me know your thoughts and comments about John Jahan.

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