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Ishq Murshid Episode 19


Paani Mein Madahani

Who has heard this? Now the team of Ishq Murshid has done it here. There is nothing to get out of it and you are running the Ishq Murshid Episode 19. It became what it was until about two or four episodes ago. No doubt the views are coming well.

Ishq Murshid Episode 19

10-15 million views coming how boring? It is never determined by the reviews whether the drama is boring at this time or interesting, so you should watch the reviews I am giving you. There will be quite an interesting discussion. For those newbies who came to my blog, if you guys haven’t visited the Urdu Drama Point site yet.

Why Ishq Murshid Episode 19 Boring

Reason number one, this drama has started to look less like a reality show and more like a fiction show, which means that with all the things that were being shown until two or four episodes ago, you can assume that someone is poor toward someone. Do you like this?

This is not a fact. You are taking someone under duress and then saying that yes, I will give 20-75 lakh rupees.

For the first 6 months, you have been living in someone’s house and you are doing whatever you want. The only purpose of this is that you have impressed a girl and the girl is also the one who is now saying that I have fallen in love with you. You also fell in love with me or not. Her relationship has come, and he is waiting for the right time.

She has two factories and does not even drink tea. Nargius says that I will not introduce any kind of addiction to myself. Hey brother, you are running such a big business here of two factories, so let’s understand that you are not drinking ethically and many people don’t even drink tea. Without it, the insult of tea will not be tolerated.

Yes, yes, I know you are very polite. And check the level of uncle’s decency that he is telling Fazal Bakhsh that you should stay at my house. I am going to pray with him. Why is that Brother, Fazal Bakhsh didn’t go for the prayers.

Ishq Murshid Sukaina

I don’t understand this Sukaina from above? All the problems are going on because of you. So how can you be so shameless that on the one hand, Shah Mir is giving 75 lakh rupees for the wedding and you have not even once said that no, brother, don’t spend so much, I don’t like it, why do you? My dowry will also be made with money, my jewelry will also be made.

If you are doing the calculation on the paper, then till now Shah Mir has paid 5 crores to Shibra, and he did not say I love you.


Ishq Murshid Mehreen

Now we come to Mehreen most beautiful woman who looks good but has no such thing as self-respect, you guys put your hands on your heart and tell me that a girl who is good at looking Who has a very good fashion sense, and who is financially very stable, why is she behind a guy. Why would she rub her nose behind some guy who doesn’t like him?

Ishq Murshid Episode 20

Why is this girl shown? Why would she rub her nose behind some guy and get insulted every day? Even now, you will get to see this scene in the next episode that, she has gone to Shibra’s house. He has befriended Shibra, which means all the stupid scenes that you will see in the Ishq Murshid Episode 20.

Ishq Murshid Episode 20

Ishq Murshid Drama

Ishq Murshid drama is going well, the story has a good margin. We found many scenes interesting, but the story doesn’t move forward, so you get funny things, and still don’t relate to each other.

Ishq Murshid Episode 19 Full Episode

Now it is known to everyone in the latest episode. Now it has been found out here that the father of Shah Mir knows the whole truth and then he thinks. Well, there is an interesting story hidden inside his thinking I think the chances of this happening are very low, that is you are shown that Shibra’s father is sitting with Shah Mir’s mother and It is very close, or Shah Mir’s mother must have not-trusted him, due to which Shah Mir’s father killed his Begum. This is an observation or maybe this is the story going on.

Ishq Murshid Ep 20

Ishq Murshid Episode 20 Promo

The second interesting scene was where Shibra and Shahmir used to swing together as children. Their childhood has also passed with each other. So, if this very interesting point had been taken, the drama could have become quite interesting or maybe something like this could have been seen, but the last episode was very boring. How many people agree with it and how many disagree will tell me in the comments?

Regarding Ishq Murshid Drama

Ishq Murshid Drama

Regarding the rest of Ishq Murshid, I would like to say that this drama is good. It’s very good that in one or two episodes of any drama, such stupid things can happen. It’s not a big deal.


I must say that within this play. Now, we should show the scenes that the up-sense should reveal, not that it means showing so many strange scenes that beautiful boy, this is a member of our house. I don’t believe that anyone in the era of Aajkal is like this if you have no brother, no cousin. Any third person couldn’t live in someone’s house. Then the relatives should not digest this very calmly. So that’s something about developing a sense within some scenes.

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So this is my feedback on Ishq Murshid Episode 20, how do you feel?

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