Ishq Murshid Upcoming Episode 18 Teaser

In the Ishq Murshid upcoming episode, which interesting scenes will you see, the production team of this drama has chatted a lot with us. What was his cleverness and especially how was the latest episode? I am going to give answers to all the questions in this article.

Ishq Murshid Upcoming Episode

Ishq murshid upcoming episode

So the Ishq Murshid drama team cheated us in such a way that when something good starts happening, these people get a bit greedy. That is, now things are dragged, so many scenes are dragged. If you think about it, that means there were unnecessary scenes, scenes you don’t want to see.

 Ishq Murshid OST

We really like the OST of this drama, but that’s not the main thing that you just play the song backwards and show the scenes for five five six six minutes and you don’t get to see anything new. We have been waiting for the whole week, especially you will remember that last week it was shown in the teaser that in this week’s episode it will be shown what the reaction of Shubra was. How will she slap Fazil Bakhsh? Why didn’t they eat that scene, because it is a hot scene and in such a case, these people dragged it by showing useless scenes and played a lot of OSTs, making the episode very boring.

Ishq Murshid Episode 16 Extra Scene

I think that it should not be done in this way because it damages the credibility of the play and people get frustrated. And my personal experience is such that I have seen many viewers skip the drama and continue watching. And in such a case, the overall average view duration of the drama becomes bad, YouTube does not rank it, it is their own loss, so the first chat is done by these people.

Ishq Murshid Episode 16 Extra Scene

Second, they are starting to do a little trick, that is, from the scene of the waiter in the last episode, and the one that will be shown in the next episode. All the scenes have been recaptured by these people. In order to increase the length of the drama, we do not get to see any such scene in the past. Inside any teaser or in any place where there will be such long scenes of the viewers only because the length of the drama will increase and these people will get to show two or four more episodes.

That’s not cool. Because we like the mystery of Shubra and Fazal Baksh, but if you add boring scenes in it, it will not be fun at all. Extra scenes are being added and the drama is dragging, and especially now, unless an interesting thrilling scene is seen in the next episode, there will be a lot of set back.

Extra scenes should not be captured. As much as the drama has been shot, it should be shown only according to it and should not be dragged. In the next episode you will be shown that mischief was going on outside the house now mischief is going on inside the house which is related to food and both mother and daughter Sukaina and her mother are asking to celebrate it. So it’s getting a little more frustrating.

Ishq Murshid Next Episode 17

But one thing again these people have shown in the teaser that yes he will finally expose. I am ready to tell you with guarantee that the next episode should also end at the point where Shubra will finally find out that it is not actually Fazal Baksh but Shah Mir and that trolls me. It has been doing until now. After that, there will be slap and the story ends, which means that the gap of another two weeks is gone.

Ishq Murshid Next Episode 17

After that, I have already told you that the most awaited scene is whether Shubra will react immediately or not. Shubra will remain silent in the house. His father has gone out again. You will be shown Fazal Baksh and will do more things.

what would?

First of all, Akchol Fazl Bakhsh will be made as murshid and will expose in front of Mehreen that yes, he has returned from Iraq. Let me decide whether I should marry here or not and he will definitely say that this relationship is not good for our Shah Mir. If Shah Mir marries Mehreen, Shah Mir will die.

Ishq Murshid Mahreen’s Reaction

After which the girl who wants a lot Shah Mir will be investigated by her father to find out who is this murshid. So it will be known that he is a waiter who is a slanderer. The one who is being used by our Syrians is the real Fazal Bakhsh, who is the one who is the real Fazal Bakhsh. He will be caught, he will be investigated, that uncle and then it will be known that Shah Mir is doing everything. He is not going to London, he is going around here with someone else, so all this will be a blast at once and his truth will also be revealed.

Ishq Murshid shibra’s Father Reaction

And especially when they bring uncle back, uncle will also know from somewhere else and then what Shubra is will be completely confused. There will be a drama complex. Sukaina and her mother will support her. Fazal Bakhsh himself will try until Shubra’s mind is right. So her father will also be very angry and he will say that now I have allowed her marriage to be done at this place.

Ishq Murshid shibra's Reaction

Ishq Murshid shibra’s Reaction

But I think Shubra will also go to the extent of teasing Fazal Bakhsh and say yes I am having a relationship. And then the most interesting scene that I can show you from now on because this relationship is also very good where it just came from. The boy is very nice and polite. And let it become reality.
Therefore, on the occasion of marriage, Shibra should follow her heart and refuse to marry. Explained to his father that you always told me that I want to listen to my heart and bring that person in my life who will always take care of me like you.

So, I see all those qualities in Fazal Bakhsh, especially his mother will do induse, so I will definitely have to agree with him. Here it must also be accepted that politicians can be very good, which means that those who are building relationships at this level are doing everything.

Ishq Murshid Story

Another thing that seemed very strange to me is that if you have to show Fazal Baksh doing so much as if he has become a waiter and he is sacrificing so much. If Shubra will be exactly like what is shown in the typical dramas that the girl climbs to the sky and then humiliates her more, then that thing will definitely hurt the viewers. Viewers would not have viewed it this way.

Ishq Murshid Story

But this is the nature of Pakistani dramas. I would like to remind you guys that whenever such a truth comes out, whether in front of a boy or a girl, the character becomes very weird. I don’t know how the writer of this play has written it. I know that it is well written. Like the rest of the play is very unique, this element is also part of this play.

Ishq Murshid Main Cast

  • Bilal Abbas as (Shahmeer Sikandar) and as  (Fazal Bakhsh)
  • Dur-e-Fishan as  (Shibra)

Ishq Murshid Upcoming Episode 18 Teaser

Overall result

Ishq Murshid Episode 16

Over all Ishq Murshid  Episode 16 was boring. The Ishq Murshid Upcoming Episode will also be delayed, but the episodes that follow it can be very interesting and some such scenes in the story can be seen in the upcoming episode of Ishq Murshid.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When will “Ishq Murshid” be released?

Release            8 October 2023.

Who are the main actors in this drama?

The main actors in this drama Bilal Abbas Khan, and Dur-e-Fishan Saleem in prominent roles.

Where can I watch this serial?

You can catch the drama on HUM TV’s official channel and Hum TV YouTube channel.

What is the timing of Ishq Murshid?

Time of this serial is 8:00 PM every Sunday.

Who is the writer of Ishq Murshad?

Abdul Khaliq Khan wrote this romantic serial Ishq Murshid.

What is the duration of each episode?

Each episode of this serial has a runtime of approximately 30 to 40 minutes.

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