5 New Pakistani Dramas 2024

Five dramas that are guaranteed to be blockbusters starting in 2024 are dramas with brilliant casts. Five highly anticipated dramas that can give 2024 a great start. I’m going to tell you.

As you move towards the first, not interesting but most sensational 5 New Pakistani Dramas 2024.

5 New Pakistani Dramas 2024 List

5 New Pakistani Dramas 2024 Grey

 5 Grey

Number five is the drama that we have, the name of this drama is Grey, this drama will be launched very soon, on Green Entertainment, Sami Khan will be seen in the leading role in it, along with Sabina Farooq. It can also be because Sabina also recently finished her drama Kabali Pulau which was a super hit drama and got a lot of likes, so people will be looking at her next drama and what is her role in it. The role will be a very different and unique role and you will also get to see Sami Khan who is no doubt one of the most underrated actors of Pakistan who has not got as many big projects as he should have.

What can happen in this drama, both of them are coming up with an interesting story with a very strong cast, in which a case of abuse is shown to May-Up, over which a fight is taking place. This story also suits Simi Khan because it was the same scene in the Aisi Hai Tanhai and his act was unmatchable, his role has not been seen in any other drama till now.

Will all these tricks together make this drama interesting or what can happen here, Sabina Farooq’s different role can be given to you people only after the start of this drama.

5 New Pakistani Dramas 2024 Khai

4 Khai

At number four, we have a drama that I was moved after watching the teaser. Faisal Qureshi is not playing much here. In the last one or two years, there are very few plays of his which were little hits. But man, with such a high production, this drama that is going to be launched “Khai” is the name of this drama correct. You will also get to see because guns are only guns here.

This drama gives a very Netflix feeling. They have invested a lot of money on its production, you will know this thing by looking at the teasers. Then, wherever Abdullah Kadwani is, there is a lot of noise on the production because these people have given many hit plays to Ready Pakistan.

So when you put open money on even an ordinary story, that drama becomes special. So, whether Faisal Qureshi will be able to regain his popularity or not, many people have started comparing him with Bashar Momin. The inspiration is definitely taken from there because it was Faisal Qureshi’s one of the best drama, will there be something like that in the drama, that is, you guys must tell me in the comments.

5 New Pakistani Dramas 2024 Akhara

3  Akhara

At number three we have a drama that is going to be a guranteed hit because Feroze Khan was not being performing a long time and if it is used, it is only recently that a drama that His looks have been tampered with a lot in the drama which was launched called Khamar. He showed a toned down character while this guy is very vibrant. His energy levels when he comes on the screen, the screen starts to shake, so here Feroze Khan has been cast as Akhara within the play and Akhara itself has been shown.

I like green entertainment better because the fights are taking place in this drama because now, don’t see that the arena does not mean that any family politics is going on. Hey, the fight is going on, the heroine has been shown along with me, just like in Bollywood movies, as if she is standing and supporting from a distance, so these are all the unique things that are giving us green entertainment, their story is their own. According to the calculation, you were shown the story of the Kabuli Pulau inside the Kabuli Pulau.

So the same fight system will work inside the arena which will make Feroze a lot more suit and dam sure is going to move a lot more audience to green entertainment because they are providing high quality content. Let’s see what happens. According to you guys, how excited you guys are about this drama, you guys must tell me in the comments.

5 New Pakistani Dramas 2024 Jan e Jahan

2  Jan e Jahan

So let’s talk about the second drama, meaning a drama that has a lot of discussion, people are not tired of discussing it because our emotions are connected with this drama which was called Pyare Afzal. The same cast-up will be seen with the same beauty, the same dialogue delivery and the same face expressions, so think how much more fun it will be.

I’m Literally Shocked to See Looks of Faiza Khan’s drama where she has recently acted immediately after Mein. Such a difference, they have tried to reverse their cuteness to a considerable extent. Even though he is only five or six years old, there is a visible difference in Looks, a difference in which he has tried to revert his cuteness to a great extent.

​That’s looking good, you’re doing well, you need to cash as more as you can. She has two or three years to cash her cuteness further, so just go and flow and you have to do all this. Specially after 40 up, the natural looks become very sharp.

Jan e Jahan OST

The story will be very romantic. The teasers are looking very good. It has been placed at the second number because the entire audience of Pyare Afzal is going to watch it, so a Bani Banai audience is already guaranteed that the drama will be watched. Depending on how the first two or three episodes go, this drama can do anything if the audience catches on.

5 New Pakistani Dramas 2024 Tere Bin Season 2

1 Tere Bin Season 2

Which drama will come first, you guys will be surprised to hear my comments that this drama will definitely be a hit. There is no doubt that this drama can shake the history of Pakistan, there is no doubt that the TRP of this drama is going to be very high. But still I’m not too excited about this drama. what happened in this drama in the past hurt me a lot. Now the same “Merib” is going to be brought from here, whose beautiful eyes will be lifted by our “Mortasam”. The couple will have to endure for the next six months. These people have made so many rectifications within this drama, we can tell only after watching the drama.

But Tere Bin Two something which has a huge demand and these dramas were demanded by Indians, I do understand that what people see in this drama, whether Let’s See Tere Bin Two live up to our expectations or not. . A lot of her leaks are being seen today, where makeup is being done and where there is a romantic scene.

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To what extent will this couple be able to maintain their romance, who are slapping each other on the face and throwing sms. Is this hatred spread or not in this drama, I do not understand how you people are digesting this story by mixing these two.

But let’s see what kind of conflicts will happen in your bin 2 and to what extent Merab who is here is starting to torment our Murtasam or this time it is Murtasam’s turn. Do the actions and then take off all your clothes, but then I don’t know how to react to this. I don’t understand because people find the stupid actions of girls very cute. If the boys do it, there is a million curses inside them.


So these are the 5 New Pakistani Dramas 2024 list to watch which will create a stir. Please tell me in the comment section which drama I have missed. Apart from this, if you guys want to read the best dramas and last dramas of 2023 which should have been watched on, if you guys missed it, then check this list.

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