Top 10 Pakistani Actresses Fathers in Real Life

We shall discuss Pakistani actresses, their fathers, and their daughters in this article. A father is someone who gives his kids everything. To their children, they want to impart all the happiness in the world. We’ll discuss about a father and daughter like that.

Top 10 Pakistani Actresses Fathers in Real Life

Top 10 Pakistani Actresses Fathers In Real Life

No. (1) Kanza Hashmi

Pakistani actress Kunza Hashmi’s father is a well-educated handsome establishment person. Kunza Hashmi belongs to a non-artist family but still Kunza Hashmi’s father supported her acting career a lot. Kunza Hashmi is the only daughter of her parents. Career started in 2014.

No. (2) Momal Sheikh

Pakistani actress Momal Sheikh is the daughter of famous actor Javed Sheikh. Momal Sheikh learned acting from her father. Momal is very attached to her father and shares everything with him. Much support in the knowledge of acting and due to his father’s support, Momal Shaikh rose to fame in the drama industry.

No. (3) Rabia Kulsoom

Pakistani actress Rabia Kulsoom’s father’s name is Akbar Sheikh. Rabia Kulsoom is very fond of her parents. Rabia Kulsoom’s family is related to showbiz, but Rabia Kulsoom’s father is not related to showbiz. Rabia Kulsoom has learned a lot from her father in her life, and her father supports her.

No. (4) Ayesha Khan

Actress Ayesha Khan’s real name is Ayesha Uqba Malik and Ayesha Khan is her nickname. Ayesha Khan’s father is well-educated and a businessman. Ayesha Khan has a brother. And also won the Best Actor Award in 2010.

No. (5) Sana Javed

Actress Sana Javed’s mother was a native of Hyderabad. After Sana Javed’s birth, Sana Javed’s parents came to Pakistan. Sana Javed’s father supported Sana Javed a lot in her acting career and Sana Javed entered the drama industry with the consent of her parents. Sana Javed has one brother and one sister. Sana Javed’s father is her support system.

No. (6)  Nida Yasir

Actress Nida Yasir is the daughter of famous director and producer Kazim Pasha. Nida Yasir’s father provided platform to Nida Yasir and supported Nida Yasir to work in drama industry. Nida Yasir loves her father very much. And very much attached to him Nida Yasir worked as a host in many morning shows.

No. (7) Ayeza Khan

Ayeza Khan is a famous Pakistani actress and model. Ayeza Khan’s father was not willing to act, but he loved his daughter very much and wanted her happiness, so Ayeza’s father decided to act for the happiness of his daughter.

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Ayeza loves her father very much and is attached to him Ayeza Khan shares everything with her father.

No. (8) Hira Mani

Actress Hira Mani’s father Syed Farrukh Jamal loved his daughter very much. Hara Mani was also very attached to her father. September 18, 2021 Kohra Mani’s father left this world. After the death of her father, Hira Mani was very disappointed. And she started to feel lonely but Hira Mani’s husband Mani brought Hira Mani out of this shock.

No. (9) Momina Iqbal

Pakistani actress and model Momina Iqbal is a beautiful and talented actress of the drama industry. Momina Iqbal belongs to a strict family. Momina Iqbal is very close to her father but her father did not agree to acting. He stepped into the drama industry and gained fame and success by working hard and struggling.

No. (10) Sajal Ali and Saboor Ali

Sajal Ali and Saboor Ali’s father Syed Ali is a successful businessman Sajal Ali’s father has been very supportive in her acting career and has given his daughters the freedom to make their own decisions Sajal Ali’s father has the biggest support system. Sajal Ali rose to fame in the drama industry with the help and anchoring of his father.

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