10 Non Muslim Pakistani Actresses and Celebrities Meaningful Names


We are mention the Pakistani actresses who are Non Muslim yet they work with Muslim actors and respect each other’s religion a lot even though their name includes the word Muslim but its Although they are non-Muslims, Along with their eye-catching looks and attention-grabbing skills, their names are also not only beautiful but also meaningful.

10 Pakistani Actresses and Celebrities Meaningful Names

10 Non Muslim Pakistani Actresses and Celebrities Meaningful Names

Number one is Jia Ali

Jia Ali has worked in many dramas of Pakistan, her name does not tell at all that she is not a Muslim, many people did not know that Jaya Nan is a Muslim. Jia belongs to the Christian religion, her husband is a businessman from Hong Kong who belongs to a Muslim family. Jia Ali is an actress as well as a famous model. The meaning of the name Jia is “creative, active, cheerful, stable and confident”. Not only Christians and Hindus but also Muslims use this beautiful name.

Number two is Hadiqa Daniyal

You must have seen Hadiqa Daniyal working in many dramas. She has acted in many dramas and is quite popular on social media. Hadiqa name meaning is “walled garden” or “orchard”. People like them a lot. She also has a huge number of fans. She belong to a Christian family, despite being a Christian, she says that she respects Islam a lot.

Number three Sunita Marshall

Sunita Marshall, who started her career with modeling, has become a famous Pakistani actress. Yes, Sunita is not a Muslim, but belongs to a Christian family. Sunita Name Meaning: Well-behaved; Good character; Wise. She is the wife of the famous Pakistani actor Hassan Ahmed. Hassan Ahmed belongs to a Muslim family and they have two children. Sunita says that the children will also follow Islam. Maybe Sunita will also follow Islam. Accept it. Currently, they say that they have no such intention.

Number four is Benita David

Benita is also a famous actress of Pakistan. She has been seen acting in many old dramas. She has done many technical dramas. Today she is rarely seen in dramas. She is seen in Ramadan transmissions and she is also seen reciting many surahs in Ramadan transmissions. Benita means “beautiful, good-natured, gift of God.” It is a Hindu name, but it is also widely used among Christians.


Number five is Zoe viccaji

She is a famous singer of Pakistan who sings as well as writes songs and belongs to the Christian family. Zoe name meaning is meaning “life.  An amazing singer who started her career as a backing singer for Coke Studio.

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Number six Nadia Malik

Nadia Malik is a famous model of Pakistan industry and she has a good name in the world of modeling. She has worked with many famous brands and designers. Nadia name meaning is “hope.” She also belongs to a Christian family but she was married in a Muslim family. Husband is a doctor whose name is Daniyal and he is a Muslim. After marriage, Nadia has left modeling and has shifted to Scotland with her husband and is living a happy life.

Number seven Deepak Parwani

Deepak Parwani is a famous designer of Pakistan. Deepak Parwani is a Pakistani designer who has become famous internationally. Along with being a designer, this model and He is also an actor and, he belongs to a Hindu family, but he has good relations with actors of other religions of Pakistan and he says that he respects Islam a lot. Deepak name meaning is Meaning: little lamp.

Number eight Yashma Gill

Yashma Gill, who is a famous actress of Pakistan, who has done many famous plays of Pakistan, today her drama is on air on ARY, which is becoming very popular, you will be surprised to know that Yashma is also a Christian. Yashma meaning of this name is “Sun’s Light / Rays; Beautiful”. She belonged to a Christian family, but Yashma was so impressed by Islam that she accepted Islam. Yashma went to Australia to study and found a Muslim friend there. Yashma says that she was so impressed by his words that she accepted Islam, she could not live without accepting Islam.

Number nine Benjamin Sisters

Benjamin’s sisters have been the best Pakistani singers of the past, they also belong to a Christian family. Benjamin means “son of Jacob, son of God’s Messenger, strong, like a rock”. Atheists also use this name for their children. Their father’s name was Benjamin, which made these sisters famous.

Number ten Runa Laila

Pakistani singer Runa Laila belongs to the Hindu religion and has made a name for herself in the world of music. Runa means: “running, fast, cunning”. The name Rona is also rarely used in Pakistani society.

Dur e Fashan

Pakistan’s famous drama Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi Dur e Fashan, who gained fame due to his selfishness, has become quite famous on social media. His pictures and videos are widely seen on social media. This news was circulating a lot that she does not belong to a Muslim family, her religion is Christian because Dur e Fashan had said in a show that four marriages are not permissible in our country and people started thinking that based on this. Maybe they are not Muslims, but Dur e Fashan clarified that what he said meant that today there is so much inflation that a man cannot afford four marriages, so he should have one marriage. But people took this thing and changed their religion.

Dur e Fashan is a Muslim and belongs to a Muslim family. Dur Afshan name meaning is “Scattered pearls”. This news about him was completely wrong.


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