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If we talk about the 5 new Pakistani dramas list, we can’t finish all the dramas in just one list. Pakistan is famous for its drama industry, so we have compiled a detailed list of Coming Soon Pakistani dramas, including the following 5 new Pakistani drama.

Coming Soon 5 New Pakistani Dramas List 

5 New Pakistani Dramas List 2023

5.. Sukoon

5 New Pakistani Dramas List in 2023 The drama is number 5 and you can start right now. The name of the play is “Skoon”. Not much hope from Ahsan Khan as none of his dramas has been a super hit in the recent past. If you ask me, I didn’t like any of his dramas after Adari except Alf.

But what is worth noting is that Sana Javed is being seen together here, who has a very rare drama that is not famous, that is not a hit. It may not seem like it but people are quite impressed by her beauty due to which any of her dramas fetch good TRP. Third and the main reason for her fame is her OST.

Talking about the first impression of the drama, it has a very different feel, it doesn’t seem like it will be boring. They understand each other well the story is a bit different when they are thrown out of the house in the beginning, both are definitely strangers to each other but will definitely fall in love because the story would not be different without that. And it will be a deep love story.

4.. Laiba Khan’s New Drama

The drama that we are going to launch at number four is Laiba Khan’s drama, a drama in which it is shown that she is very fond of being famous. Day and night, she makes videos and posts them. Don’t notice but when his first video gets over 25 views and then another video goes viral, from there her friend starts saying.

My cousin is offering you three lakh rupees, he will do your photo shoot and then the photo shoot is also done in a slightly bold dress, after which you are shown here that quite a riot will start. The boy who likes her will try to kill her from now on. There will be a murder. The family will suffer a lot in this drama. What did you start this and where did you bring our family to?

The reason why this drama is going to be quite interesting is because in the seven episodes of Sar e Rah, the different roles were played specifically by our Sabur Ali and that is very much the episode went viral. Maybe from there they got the idea that why don’t we make a whole drama on it, so many people are excited, especially those people who are very fond of being famous. Look, there is no success in life.

Anyone can be famous these days. If you have some talent, some charm, then there is no difficult task. You can become famous. Not being able to deal with it is the most burning problem to solve.

3.. Hira Khan’s Coming Soon Pakistani Drama

In the drama that is going to be launched at number three, you will get to see Hira Khan and I’m Very Happy to See That on top of the lead cast. Has started getting work on top of the lead, so Hira Khan is also quite a well-deserved girl and interesting scene is that she has got quite a different role with quite a different story, so chances are your drama will be famous, now a bit of drama.

Understand the plot that there is a girl whose grief in a dream turns into reality. As a child he had a dream that his parents would die and his parents died. After that she will live with her aunt, and now whatever dream she is having, like the bike accident happened late at night, and the same thing happened the next day, will go to find out the interpretation of her dream and after that She will become famous in a way that yes everything she dreams comes true, I think there will be a bit of stereotypical element shown here.

One may be winning the lottery, one may have money, and if one has had a dream people will appreciate it, but when one has a dream in which a tragedy is about to happen, and when that tragedy happens If it happens, everyone curses him. And they say that she is bad. Likewise, she will dream that her sister has died, something has gone wrong with her, or whatever she has dreamed of.

2.. Dil Hi To Hai

This drama is the second number in the 5 new Pakistani dramas list, I think this drama is going to go viral because its story is fantastic and very interesting. The name of this play is Dil Hi To Hai. Ali Ansari will be seen in the lead role. It also has Zoya Nasir then I think all the director producers this year probably sat down and thought that all the good side role second leads should be put above the main lead because that’s what people want so Ali Ansari is great too. The actor belongs to Khani drama and he has finally got the lead role and the script is very interesting. Now understand a little story of this play.

What will happen in the drama then we will see in the drama Ali will love Zoya very much and Zoya will also love Ali very much. Maybe Zoya is a bit greedy and that’s why she likes him so much, so let’s live a life and a girl loves Ali and she will make a lot of claims about him, but since she is Ali’s cousin. Another friend from outside who will love him a lot Ali may not prefer her so much Don’t talk to him and get married right away Big interesting marriage function will be shown with Zoya Everyone will be very happy.

Then the tragedy and that here you will be shown at the time of the taking away of the bride or on the second or third day of the wedding may be shown after a couple of episodes, but what happens happens here but it will happen. an accident. When he has an accident, you will be shown that his condition will be very critical and the poor thing will either be crippled with one leg or one hand and will have to walk with the help of a cane. This girl used to claim that yes she loves him very much. Failing that, she will start fighting him, trying to get rid of him, and he will tell her that he loves her very much.

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If the tension becomes too much, Zoya tells him directly that she wants to break up with him. This will hurt Ali a lot. Later it will be shown that the poor guy will be very sad and eventually he will return to the same girl who loves him very much then he will marry her and she will get along very well with him.

After Gradually is shown what love is, he will very slowly begin to move away from the stick, and then Gradually will get better and better. And it will be shown that there will be such a clash between the two that Zoya will be surprised to see them together. And the one Zoya will marry, may be shown to be a very ordinary husband, albeit a rich one. It looks like the story of this drama is going to be so great that I remember you will start your next drama as soon as it starts.

1.. Munnat Murad

Now we will talk about the number one drama that is coming our way because you guys must be thinking that all the dramas mentioned are coming soon. Now this is a fantastic drama, its name is Mant Murad, Iqra Aziz and Talha are in this drama. The first episode made me laugh a lot, but it also moved me a lot. This is a good, unique, love story of a drama that feel. There will be good development ahead and here you will get to see some very wonderful scenes where the mother keeps her child under complete control.

I will choose the one to marry and it has often been observed that mothers who try to follow their own will take the dancing daughter-in-law at her behest and not the husband. Ideally, the wife should obey the husband, but if the mother-in-law says no, just do what I tell you, then there can never be a relationship between woman and woman. Where he wants to do that, there is a relationship where husband and wife want to listen to each other, so that’s a big conflict. You will see the first episode of this drama.

Mannat Murad Episode 03 Teaser

So you will understand why I am recommending this drama, this is the 5 new Pakistani dramas List that you can start now upcoming dramas, and also if any drama is left you can comment me. I must tell you.




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