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What are the 5 Best Pakistani Dramas 2023 that are top-rated romantic dramas, we will not discuss which were very popular. so you guys will think that they must be part of this list, but this drama score will not be there at all. we recommend that we like the very much base to content and there will be a discussion about five romantic dramas.

5 Best Pakistani Dramas 2023

5 Best Pakistani Drama 2023

Which drama will go from 5 to the first and as it goes to the first, these are so interesting and great romantic dramas that you must watch if you like romantic class.

5. Fairy Tale

The drama comes at number 5. Its name is Fairy Tale. Fairy Tale has a very superb character here. It is played by Omid (Sahar Khan). What a wonderful acting and especially the one that has been shown as a theme in the play that means such a hope has a desire to become very rich and in the temptation of becoming rich she does very stupid actions which There is a lot of cuteness in the drama.

On the other hand, you are shown the character of Farjad, who is the owner of the game show, where Umid gives hope somehow and wins crores of rupees. The scenes were so much admired by the public that the makers had to launch its part two here. So in part two, where you will be shown as a couple, there could not be a wedding, but there will definitely be a wedding here.

And you will get to see all those interesting and romantic scenes which you are eagerly waiting for, that’s why we have placed it as number 5 according to the people. Whether you wanted it in the third or second place, you will definitely tell me in the comment section below.

4. Ehraam e Junoon

The drama which is running at number 4 today has impressed a lot and is making great progress gradually. The scenes shown here are especially romantic with one character named Shanze, you get to see how a man can become very romantic while living on one side and what he thinks about his partner. On one side Shani is shown, he is very romantic with Sujeela but on the other hand Shanze’s character gives different and new feelings.

It also tells girls that they like a person very much, so at what level they can love them. It means you have to pay as you will. Girls who spend a lot of themselves on their partners, usually boys do not mention this thing, but inside they definitely like it a lot.

Going forward, Shani’s character will also fall and become an empress. You are shown to be a character rude but not toxic. It’s a good romantic drama and a lot of fun to watch. Today, after Tere Bin, the drama that is getting the most views is Ehraam e Junoon. How do you guys feel about Ehraam e Junoon in the comment section?

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3. Jhoom

The drama at number 3 is romantic in nature, featuring characters who work mostly in the same domain. Haroon KaDawaani’s Jhoom drama was launched recently and ended soon. The story of the drama was very interesting. The doctor is from Profession, she is not able to decide, sometimes she is thinking something, sometimes something, this drama has quite an interesting story.

Jhoom drama is special for those who are romantic drama lovers. In some scenes shown in the drama only two people are looking at each other, the way they are getting enthralled, then you will also get enthralled.

What is special about this drama, you will know it by watching it. A big fanatic is shown to work for the way he changes his personality and you will get to see a lot of interesting things. If you enjoy watching the Jhoom drama, how did you like the chemistry between Zara Noor and Haroon KaDawani, how well did they match?

Before discussing Number One and Two there are two plays that are based in the romantic category but are not romantic by any means. Infect make your blood pressure high by watching these dramas.

There is a drama Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha, its OST was very good but it doesn’t sound romantic in any way.

The second Tere Bin drama which shows romance was also not romantic at all with one partner slapping and spitting on the other partner’s face. So in such a situation, it doesn’t seem romantic at all and they are connecting at the end. And the many stupid acts committed by Merib do not justify this as a romantic drama.

There was romance but one-sided. which we found very toxic only by Murtasam, If drama was disclosed well with loving scenes, if good scenes had been created then it could have become number one, so Two plays were left out of our 5 Best Pakistani Dramas 2023 list.

2. Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi

In this drama, you will be shown a great love story in which a person falls in love with someone else at first sight to such an extent that he does not see anything else. He is forced to leave everything with the property and do a simple job.

Played by Danish Taimr, this drama has great content.
On the other hand, it has been shown that Dur-e-Fishan is also doing very interesting acting. It is quite fun to see their role in this drama. The story was very interesting, Dur-e-Fishan’s character showed a gradual change, which makes sense. I liked it very much. Overall, there was a great play in this drama.

This drama is very passionate and spicy. Especially, this drama has a very different and unique story, so those who have seen Kaisi Teri Khud Garzi must tell other people in the comments.

1. Muhabbat Gumshuda Meri

The drama that comes at number 1 in 5 Best Pakistani Dramas 2023, its story is also very crisp. In the beginning, this drama is very underrated, but later when you watch more episodes of it, the conclusion is that August is ending, coming September, is the most romantic drama going on with superb scenes called Muhabbat Gumshuda Meri. Dana Nair has played a great role in this drama. very good acting is like the way an amateur girl initially falls in love. All the expressions and comments are captured very well by him.

On the other hand, Khushal Khan acts very vibrantly. They are overshadowed in this play. He didn’t show how many cameras were recording I don’t care, I have to act completely genuine that I am dying for her.

Khushal Khan is the desi version of Romeo and Juliet which you will get to see in Muhabbat Gumshuda Meri.

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These were the 5 Best Pakistani Dramas 2023 that are the best love story dramas in 2023. In your opinion, if there is any drama other than these that you think could have been included in this list, then write it in the comments.

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