13 Best Pakistani Drama 2022 – 2023


List of 13 unique and must watch Pakistani drama 2022 -2023

If you miss your favorite Pakistani drama 2022, we take you to the list of 13 unique and must watch Pakistani dramas of 2022.

List of 13 Unique Pakistani Drama 2022 -2023

13 Best Pakistani Drama 2022

No. 13 Wafa Be Mool

The story of the drama Wafa Be Mool revolves around the life of a young girl who faces many problems in her life after marriage. Komal Mir and Ali Abbas have played the lead roles. A love triangle will be seen between Komal Mir Ali Abbas and Sakina Khan. Komal Mir is playing the role of Hania. Hania got married to Azhar and problems started in her life. The role of Azhar’s father is played by Behroz Sabzwari, who is hyper-conscious about every little thing in his house. Sakina Khan is the cousin of Ali Abbas and gets disappointed after her marriage with Haniya.

No. 12 Yaar Na Bachhade

Hum TV’s drama serial Yaar Nah Bachhe is the story of a girl who lives with her father who is a controlling man and wants to marry her to a man of his choice for personal gain. The story intensifies when her path crosses with a rogue Adami who falls in love with her and brings an unexpected turn in her life.

No. 11 Sang e Mah

The series revolves around the secrets that unfold when a young Helmand decides to avenge his father’s murder. It focuses on the oppression of women in the form of Gaqaq and is a story of love and revenge. Sang Ma follows the story of a family that belongs to the tribal areas of Pakistan. The play will tell how people have to sacrifice their lives and love due to a false tradition.

No. 10 Hum Tum

Adam Sultan and Neha Qutbuddin are childhood rivals and neighbors Adam’s elder brother Sarmad is a professional chef and owns a restaurant and Sarmad is in love with Neha’s elder sister Maha. Keeping in shape and taking care of his diet Neha and Maha’s father pays more attention to Adam than his daughters because he has always lamented not having a son. And the father’s duty of emotional care is neglected. Qutb is also deeply respected and cared for.

No. 9 Who Pagal Si

Who Pagal Si is the story of a girl named Sara who is having trouble adjusting to her father Ahsan’s second wife Shahzama. Shahzama marries Ahsan for money The plot takes an interesting turn when she introduces her lover Wahaj to Ahsan and convinces him to marry Wahaj’s Sara Every bond is beautiful but no one replaces the other. Everyone needs a partner in life, but when a rich person needs a loyal partner, he can be a victim of those who watch his fortune. Sometimes those who seem closest are farthest away.

No. 8 Betiyaan

On number 8th Pakistani Drama 2022, Betiyaan is the story of a beloved father, Laeeq Ahmed, who is going through immense difficulties for the love of his five daughters. Apart from the difficulties created by his mother and divorced sister, he also has to deal with the filth of the society. Due to a small misunderstanding, his family is falling apart and Laeeq Ahmed is desperate to change the situation for his family, only time will tell how far he will go.

No.7 Kuch Ankahi

The highly-anticipated drama serial is somewhat of a modern-day and light-hearted drama that revolves around family reunions, where women’s legal and religious rights to property are violated in the workplace to pressure girls into marriage. And many problems found in Pakistani society have been discussed with humor and wisdom. The plot revolves around Agha John’s ancestral home where he lives with his three daughters. Agha is not ready to share the property with his sister. His second daughter Alia is working day and night to settle the claims on the house. The story also takes a surprising turn when Salman, another young real estate agent, enters their house as a tenant.

No. 6 Bakhtawar

Bakhtawar is an enthusiastic student who lives in a family of five including his mother, a disabled brother and an elder sister. His gambling father forcibly marries his elder sister and leaves home himself, his brother dies of poverty and his uncle tries to force him to marry his mentally challenged son. She does not allow her uncle to do this and runs away to Karachi with her mother. There she lives in Sakina’s house, who is Sharifa’s friend and lives with her husband. Bakhtawar tries to get a job but is rejected everywhere.

No. 5 Raqs e Bismil

Sakina, a young girl, runs away from home to marry her love. Musa, Sakina’s cousin and brother-in-law, arrives to stop the secret marriage ceremony with his sister. He waves his gun around and grabs Sakina’s hand as she When they return home, he gathers everyone and tells them what Sakina was going to do. Sakina’s uncle arranged her marriage with his son Isa. The marriage takes place against Sakina’s will and at that time she curses Musa and tells him that he will love someone but will not be able to get her love.

No. 4 Ishq Jalebi

Muhammad Buta is the owner of the family business of catering for many decades. His desire to make his two sons a part of his business remains unfulfilled because his sons are living abroad with their families.  Disillusioned with his sons, Muhammad Buta handed over the family business to his only son-in-law Ashiq Hussain and grandson Basim. Basim, a handsome young man dreams of going abroad but is quite disappointed and complains about every pain in his life. On the other hand, Bella is a young girl who is living with her grandfather after the death of her parents. Being a smart and hardworking girl, Bella ignores the behavior of her cousin Basim and they always quarrel with each other.

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No. 3 Chipke Chupke

Chipke Chupke drama is about Nawab family Nawab Sahib had two wives Naik Paror and Naik Bakht Nawab Sahib treated both of them equally and they live in adjoining houses. One is called Nawab House where Naik Bakht lives and the other is called Nawab Villa where Naik Paror lives. There are never-ending conflicts between the two wives because Nawab married Naik Bakht two months after his marriage to Naik Paror. Both Naik Paror and Naik Bakht have two children.

No. 2 Khuda aur Muhabbot

Khuda aur Muhabbot begins with Mahi and her sister-in-law in Lahore. A man she meets. Taimur can’t stop thinking about Mahi. A young man named Farhad does illegal work, so his parents send him to work. Farhad and Mahi meet at a wedding and become friends. Mahi uses this time as a release from her hard life at home and enjoys Farhad’s friendship. But Farhad starts to love her.

No. 1 Parizaad

Parizaad is a college student who grew up with self-esteem and confidence issues despite society’s judgments about him. Leaving a lasting impression on everyone he meets, the play takes us along the journey of the friends and enemies he meets in life, whether he chooses his true passion for poetry or realistic work. Choosing a job that can provide income to his family. Parizaad is an innocent boy who lives with his brothers in Rawalpindi. He is often mocked because of his dark skin. His brother and sister-in-law are greedy and consider her a liability. Only his sister Saeeda loves him, but she has also married an old man due to family pressure. Parizaad loves Naheed.


If you miss your favorite Pakistani Drama 2022 we have seen dramas with different genres and social issues. Apart from this we also have dramas that have minor love triangle stories.

To sum it up

These were the 13 best Pakistani Drama 2022 with different stories. It’s good to see that Pakistani Drama industry is moving towards portraying real stories. Let’s start appreciating the story and cast of these dramas that are spreading awareness against honor killings, tribal injustices and social stereotypes.

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