15 Pakistani Actors and Actresses Who Offer Prayer at Shooting Time


It becomes a little difficult to believe that the Pakistani Actors and Actresses of our show business industry will follow the principles of Islam and the reason for not believing this is their behavior and manners, but you will be surprised.

There are many stars of our industry who not only observe prayer but also observe Ramadan fast and perform Tahajjud prayer as well as these people say that they recite the Holy Quran daily.

Pakistani Actors & Actresses Who Offer Prayer at Shooting time

Pakistani Actors and Actresses Who Offer Prayer at Shooting time

1. Yumna Zaidi

Yumna Zaidi is covered on social media today. Yumna Zaidi also gives a lot of importance to the religion of Islam, even she is seen talking about the religion of Islam in every show. Further, she says that she has a strong belief in prayer. And whenever there is a problem in their life, they pray.


2. Wahaj Ali

Wahaj Ali belongs to a very pious family, like Yumna Zaidi, he also says that he also strongly believes in supplications, and further, he says that we should always keep on supplicating. Our job is to pray and fulfill it by Allah. Sometimes the prayer will be fulfilled.

3. Imran Abbas

Today, Imran Abbas is famous everywhere, at this time his drama Ihram e Junoon is going on top trending. Include the number of his fans not only in Pakistan, India but also in the whole world. About Imran Abbas, everyone knows that he attaches great importance to the religion of Islam and often recites Naats in Ramadan transmission. They also host, they are very strict about fasting, he says that they do not miss any prayer and fast all the days of Ramadan.

4. Shahzad Sheikh

You must be familiar with senior Pakistani actor Javed Sheikh, his son Shahzad Sheikh has acted in many Pakistani dramas. There is a very interesting story behind Shahzad Sheikh’s decision to live according to the religion of Islam. Some incidents happened in his life due to which he came closer to the religion of Islam.

He says that I not only pray five times a day, but also fast in Ramadan and recite the Holy Quran. They are pretending while they say that I pray for Allah and my Allah is aware of my intentions.

5. Affan Waheed

Affan Waheed is one of the most decent actors in the Pakistani industry. The number of fans of Affan Waheed is countless. He is seen telling his fans on his social media accounts to live according to the religion of Islam. We cannot find a way to live a better life anywhere.

6. Haniya Amir

It is very difficult to believe that Haniya Aamir will also be close to Islam because there is some news about her these days and some of her bold pictures are also famous on social media platforms, but you all ,  will be very surprising that Hania Amir also prays five times a day and also observes fasting, she says that she also recites the Holy Quran and she gets a lot of peace by doing all this.

More about her that she belongs to a very religious family and her family is such that working in the industry is not considered good at all but she says that after her father’s death Her situation became very bad and she was forced to enter the industry. Hania Aamir often posts pictures of her praying on social media accounts.


7. Yashma Gill

Yashma Gill is one of the actors who spent most of her life in the American culture. She says that while living in the American culture, I was exposed to Islam and became against it. I used to be very angry with Islamic principles. Some incidents started happening in my life due to which I started losing my mental balance. A girl living with me in the hostel who belonged to a Muslim family. She slowly brought me to the religion of Islam and I came back to the religion of Islam in such a way that I pray five times a day and fast in the month of Ramadan.


8. Feroze Khan

Whenever there is a role of a very fanatical and aggressive character in a drama, then Feroze Khan is given the first priority because he plays this role very skillfully, and it is these fanatical scenes that have made him famous. Everyone knows about Khan that he gives a lot of importance to the religion of Islam, even he left the industry for the sake of Islam, but he returned to the industry due to some personal problems, and he often plays mystical characters in dramas.

Feroze Khan says that he likes to follow the principles of Islam, he prays five times a day, and he has also achieved the blessings of Hajj and Umrah.

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9. Sheheryar Munawar

It is hard to believe that Pakistani Actor Shahryar Manwar, who does bold photo shoots, he also prays five times a day, but you will be greatly surprised to know that he not only prays five times a day. He also said that he sometimes offers Tahajjud prayer, which is quite surprising about him. Because any Pakistani actress who wants to have a bold photo shoot choose  Shahryar Manwar, but it is difficult for the audience to judge by looking at anyone whether he prays or not.


10. Sarah Khan

You know Sara Khan, she is one of the most cute actresses of Pakistan. She has gained a lot of fame in a very short time. Sara Khan belongs to a very religious family. She says that there was never a morning in her house when the Holy Quran was not recited in her house. She also says that our parents taught us all sisters It is a well-established habit of our brothers that we pray five times a day, and you must have heard that Sara Khan is often seen talking about Islam in shows. They take books with them and study Islamic books whenever they get time.


11. Laiba Khan

Laiba Khan is one of the Pakistani actresses who gained fame simultaneously. You will be surprised to know that Laiba Khan is also Hafiz Quran. He said that his father wanted him to become a Hafiz of the Qur’an. When he made this public on social media, many people said wrongly about him that Hafiz of the Qur’an is like this.  We should not interfere in anyone’s personal life. Further, Laiba Khan says that her father made all these siblings pray five times a day from a young age. And she is also seen praying five times a day.

12. Reema Khan

Reema Khan has ruled the Pakistani film industry for a long time now she is out of the country, but you will be surprised to know that every year she goes to Pakistan to host the Ramadan transmission. Almost most people know about Reema Khan that she gives great importance to Islamic affairs, Reema Khan is also considered among the women of Pakistan who observe fasting prayers.


13. Khushal Khan

Khushal Khan has been in the industry for a short time, but he has gained a lot of fame in a very short time and his acting is very much liked. Like Feroze Khan, he also does the fanatical acting very well, which is loved by the public very much. He said in the interview that he  tries to perform the prayer on time, but if I am unable to perform the prayer on time due to any compulsion, then I will make it qadha until I perform the prayer. Then I am confused.

14. Zahid Ahmad

Zahid Ahmed is one of the Pakistani Actors who struggled a lot for success, he faced a lot of difficulties, and now he has become a super hit actor, and he never tried to hide his past. Rather, they also openly admit their bad habits. In a show, they also admitted that earlier they used drugs and alcohol.

As soon as they came to the religion of Islam and realized that these things are forbidden, they left everything, and now they observe the five prayers as well as the fast of Ramadan.


15. Fahad Mustafa

You know about Fahad Mustafa, his fame is due to his show Jito Pakistan, very few people know about Fahad Mustafa that he prays five times a day. And this is absolutely true, often they are seen praying on the set.

Pakistani Actors and Actresses Who Offer Prayer at shooting time who is your favorite actor among them, you will definitely tell in the comment.


Does Fahad Mustafa have a son?

In 2006, Fahad Mustafa married Pakistani writer and actress Sana Fahad. The couple has two children, a daughter and a son born in January 2016.

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