Arez Ahmed & Hiba Bukhari Drama List


Hiba Qadir also known as Hiba Bukhari is a beautiful Pakistani Drama actress. She is brilliantly talented and has appeared in several television dramas and telefilms.

Who is not familiar with the actress Hiba Bukhari, the owner of Pakistan Television’s beautiful and innocent looks, who made a unique place in Pakistani drama and modeling by using her hard work and skills in a short period of time. Hiba Bukhari, real and full name is Hiba Qadir, was born in Karachi on July 27, 1993. Hiba Bukhari has a bachelor’s degree in commerce. Hiba started her artistic life with Hum TV’s drama “Thori Si Wafa” in 2017 and with time, Hiba Bukhari’s work has improved.

The drama “Dewangi” aired on Geo TV took Hiba to fame. In this drama, Hiba played the role of Nageen. Hiba Bukhari started her married life by marrying Syed Arez Ahmed in 2022. She is continuing her artistic journey along with her domestic life. Hiba Bukhari has also won various awards.

Arez Ahmed and Hiba Bukhari Drama List

Hiba Bukhari Drama List

10. Silsily

Apart from love and romance in the serial drama serial, intimate relationships have also been discussed in the serial. There are two girls named Hara and Abiha who are in one-sided love with Javed and Shahzeb. On the other hand, this story also revolves around the mother who constantly struggles to protect her daughters from the gambling father and for their best future. Will these girls be able to get their love, will their father take the responsibility of raising their daughters, will a mother be able to raise her daughters well.

09. Tarap

Tarap is a Pakistani drama serial which premiered on 29th March 2020 on Hum TV, produced by Babar Javed and MD Productions and directed by Nadeem Siddiqui. It has Syed Gibran and Haba Bukhari in lead roles. The supporting cast includes Babar Ali, Wasim Abbas, Nishin Shah and Salim Meraj. Tarap is about a middle class girl Zanira ie Haba who is a writer and usually an achiever but no one knows about her.

08. Muqaddar Ka Sitara

Maqdar Ka Satara is a serial by Ariza Ahmad. The drama Maqdar Ka Satara is presented on ARY Digital. The story of the drama Maqdar Ka Satara is written by Saima Akhtar, while its directorial duties have been given by Saqib Zafar. The story of the play revolves around Faizan, a middle-class girl from a wealthy family, and Hadiya, i.e., Fatima Effendi. Fatima’s acting in the play was highly appreciated, while its ending also impressed the audience. Faizan i.e. to correct the spoiled son, the family marries the daughter of a close friend. Hadiya’s test begins, and Faizi and his friends, after that, together at the in-laws’ house, make fools of the wife.

07. Bholi Banu

In the drama serial Bholi Banu, Hiya has become an innocent girl. The story of the serial is based on a simple and innocent girl who lives with her grandmother and uncle as her parents have died. Bano’s life would change when a landowner Tajdar from inside Sindh falls in love with her, Bano was unaware of this and soon after that she got married to a relative’s son. There she faces the hatred of Subhan’s stepmother and stepsister, she tries to seek refuge in Subhan, but he does not have the courage to fight for her and Tajdar steps in to help her instead. Bano, being a loyal girl, does not want any help from him.

Hiba Bukhari Drama List

06. Inteha e Iahq

Inteha e Iahq is a drama with the best acting of Haba. Rida and Sim are cousins and love each other, both want to marry each other but their mother does not agree. She moves to the hospital where Dr. Daniel treats her. A person who is impressed by the beauty of Rida on market days. He wants to marry forcefully, the story of the drama after the marriage is affected by the dramatic incident that happened to the husband in the past, which changes his situation. The drama has been directed by Dilawar Malik while it has been produced by Khurram Riaz who also made the drama GT Road.

05. Fitoor

Fitoor Haba Bukhari’s turning point proved to be a story like love, which is the most transcendental, in which lovers forget their past and only talk about their future. The story revolves around a young architect named Saif and a beautiful young woman. Despite being successful in his field, Saif feels the lack of someone in his life and is lost in the memories of his past love. Dilansheen belongs to an average family and is in love with her best friend’s brother Hamza. When Saif and Dilnashin cross paths, Dilnashin’s life takes an unexpected turn and the question arises whether they will be able to forget their past and live peacefully together in the present.

04. Dil Tanha Tanha

Dil Tanha Tanha was the drama that got Ariz recognition, Dil Tanha Tanha beautifully portrays the marriage of girls at a growing age and the social complications that arise due to it. In our society, it is very common for girls to wait for a good relationship. Some parents get pressured by society and make wrong decisions. The mistakes made by the family of an aging girl in her marriage have been presented very beautifully in Dil Tanha Tanha.

Hiba Bukhari Drama List

A joint presentation of Momal Entertainment and MD Productions, Dil Tanha Tanha is written by Masbah Ali Syed and directed by Ali Masood, while the prominent stars include Mohsin Abbas, Ali Ansari, Nazish Jhangir, Fareeha Jabeen, Zubair Karim, Michael Mumtaz and Shahzad Malik. In the story of this play, this common domestic politics has been exposed. In which to save the lives of some children of the same house, the lives of others are not avoided. Through this play, the society has highlighted the tragedy that due to the lack of good relationship of daughters, parents consider them as a stone placed on their chest, from which they do not even care about their future to get rid of it.

03. Dewangi

The story of Dewangi revolves around a poverty-stricken girl Nagin Fayaz (Hiba Bukhari) and Sultan Durrani (Danish Taimur) who falls in love with Nagin and wishes to marry her. But on the occasion of the wedding, due to Pargin’s kidnapping, the marriage of the two could not take place, behind which Nirmin’s hand is Zoya Nasir. In the drama, Nagin is shown to be in the conspiracy of Nirmin and Sultan and to have a supportive partner like Haroon i.e. Ali Abbas. In Dewangi, it is shown that Sultan spoils Nagin’s married life after Narmin’s truth is revealed, and Nagin is shown to show Sultan’s truth to the world. The drama ends with Sultan’s death at the hands of Nagin who shoots him and the shooting scene is often loved by the audience. The last episode of this drama was in the top trend on Twitter. This drama consisted of 41 episodes which were written by Sadia Akhtar and aired from December 2019 to August 2020.

02. Udaan

Ariz has acted brilliantly in the drama Udaan. Udaan is the story of three siblings Malika, Aqeel, and Manal, the eldest is Malika who trusts her heart, she has high ambitions in life although she is engaged she is not interested in her fiance Asim. Is. Then there is Aqeel who always takes a shortcut in everything. The youngest among these siblings is Manal who believes in hard work and has her own preferences, unlike her elders. Malika and Aqeel often make wrong decisions and fall prey to greed. GO’s play Udaan deals with issues like greed, infidelity, and cheating. Which has been written with great intelligence by Jahanzeb Qamar and Aqeel Khan has given beautiful instructions. Its cast includes actors Adeel Chaudhry, Nida Mumtaz, Labna Aslam, Annie Zaidi, and Muhammad Osama Khan.

01. Mery Hum Nasheen

This play by Hababukhari is the story of a girl from Swat who wants to become a doctor, but no one at home is allowing her to study beyond the local college. He saw his mother die of kidney disease as a child and his father shot by the enemy, and as a bloodbath, his aunt Lala was killed by the enemy’s family and had to marry a girl who had once been his love. In the middle of this love, Lala’s uncle’s blood is shed, so there is a feeling of guilt inside Lala, which does not allow him to love his wife.

The wife suspects that maybe he is interested in his cousin Khajasta, although this is not the case. Selflessness patience and selfless loyalty make any character charming. The sorcery that has become the trial of Khajasta in the city and the village is this vanity, so Khajasta is adopted by her stepmother and engaged to her younger son Darkazai, who has neither interest in studies nor interest in business. But he loves Khujista a lot.

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According to his ego and customs, expressing love is also a matter of honor, so he only shows his ownership over her, although when his hand bleeds from the wound of Khajasta’s bangles, he licks the blood. This is the height of madness. Khajasta also loves him but is disgusted by his behavior. When Dr. Hadi expresses his love for her in the city, she frees his hand and walks away, but in the next moment, she thinks about this impossible relationship. It is at this moment that the problems of the city and the village are kept there, the developers leave their backward areas and finally move forward.

Early Life & Education

Hiba Bukhari was born on 27 July 1993 in Karachi, Sindh to a conservative Sindhi family. He did his FSC from Jinnah Government College, Nazimabad, Karachi. After doing FSC, he started his career which has always been his passion

Hiba Bukhari Husband

Hiba husband Syed Arez Ahmed is a Pakistani actor and model. He is known for his roles in Mehar Posh, Mera Rab Waris, Mohabbat Daagh Ki Soorat, Kahin Deep Jaley, and Uraan.

Marital Status

Hiba Bukhari married her co-star Syed Arez Ahmed, a famous Pakistani drama actor. In an interview, he told his fans how it was love at first sight with Aries and he decided to marry Hiba the first time he saw her. They both dated for a while and eventually got married in January 2022.

Hiba Bukhari Age

Hiba Bukhari age is 30 years as of October 2023.

Hiba Bukhari Husband Name

Syed Arez Ahmed.

Hiba Bukhari Instagram

Her Instagram handle is @ihibaqadir.

Hiba Bukhari Dramas List

  • Choti Si Zindagi
  • Ishq Nahin Aasan
  • Berukhi
  • Sabeen
  • Pehchaan
  • Sharmeen aka Kuki
  • Tarap
  • Bholi Bano
  • Deewangi
  • Fitoor
  • Dilnasheen (Haider’s wife)
  • Mere Humnasheen
  • Khajista
  • Ramz-e-Ishq
  • Silsilay
  • Teri Meri Jodi
  • Haara Dil
  • Inteha-e-Ishq
  • Rida
  • Tere Ishq Ke Naam
  • Jhok Sarkar (Sassi)


So the fears of the elders proved to be true, then this was our countdown of today, which was based on the dramas of Hiba Bukhari and Arez Ahmad.


Who is the wife of Arez Khan?

One of the most loved celebrity couples in Pakistan is Arez Ahmed and Haba Bukhari. The two met early in their careers and later worked together on several projects. Although it was love at first sight for Aries, Hiba took some time and they later got together and got married.