New Pakistani Drama Munnat Murad | Munnat Murad Teaser 2

New Pakistani Drama Munnat Murad with an interesting storyline. The drama story has been penned by Nadia Akhtar. You will see Iqra Aziz, Farhan Saeed, and Talha Chahour in leading roles in Mannat Murad.

New Pakistani Drama Munnat Murad

There is no doubt that, people who use lassi in the morning instead of tea notice a noticeable difference in their complexion. If you do this practice for just three months, you will feel a great difference. If you feel sleepy after drinking lassi, first complete your sleep, and then take a sleeping pill, still you will never fall asleep after drinking lassi.

New Pakistani Drama Munnat Murad

Your preparations are not ending, your sister’s relationship is ready and, not yours. Some sisters who are a bit more cute also love to show off so you must have seen that mom says to lock them in the room.

If you ask for an opinion about the first episode of Munnat Murad, I say that of all the dramas that have come out in 2023, I have not enjoyed the first episode of any drama as much as I got to watch the episode of Munnnat Murad.

Munnat Murad Punjabi home environment

The Pakistani drama industry also realized a little bit that you should show Punjabi culture a little, how the environment in a Punjabi home, in Punjab has been forgotten by the Pakistani drama industry. What is the culture here, and how do mothers, brothers, and sisters react here, this thing is seen in very few dramas, and here is the reason that you will enjoy watching this drama a lot because Punjabis are a bit artistic.

Are the mothers of Punjab really like this? Yes, they are exactly like that. The real picture of Punjabi mothers is shown to you. I am talking about the majority of mothers who don’t say that our mother is not the kind of mother that is portrayed in this drama, she has played the role of a Punjabi mother. I am forced to say that Asma Abbas has also been left behind.

Murad’s portrayal is very similar to the Indian actor in the new Pakistani drama Mant Murad.
Write in the comment section which actor is more familiar both visually and acting-wise, secondly, Cinderella’s earring is shown falling, followed by him going to him and speaking her heart out.
All the sequences were shown to you the way he is chasing her, and especially the OST of the new Pakistani drama fantastic.

Munnat Murad Ultimate Love Story

Well, as I told you guys, this drama is going to give the Wibes of Khuda Aur Muhabbot season three, there will be some target set in this drama, and then the director and producers will understand the thought process from here. Take the fact that in the very first episode of Khuda Aur Muhabbot season 3 OST is heard in the background where his sister is watching, it is a hundred percent that they are going to show an ultimate love story which starts very awesome in New Pakistani Drama Munnat Murad.

The complicated situation that is shown here in Murad’s house, the way his mother is so conscious about perfumes and small things, imagine that when she gets this news, her son has actually done something. If you have liked the girl, then what kind of storms will you see after that?

A very interesting plot has been created first so that people’s interest can be developed. The relationship scene was also on a different level. The way the mother’s character is shown here she is sometimes Urdu sometimes Punjabi talking. As Punjabi mothers do, when they are in their tone, they will be talking Punjabi full time and when they try to be decent, they speak Urdu in between.

Love Shown by Siblings

New Pakistani Drama Munnat Murad

The love shown by siblings is also very great. Sister is explaining this very well to him that you should never follow your mother’s words and get married. You can take a good decision yourself because I am suffering, but if you want to do something good, it is because of this kind of support from the sisters that the brother is taking such a step that he is starting to take an interest in someone else, while he is a gentleman boy in New Pakistani Drama Munnat Murad.

But the funny thing is going to happen in the next episode the matchmaker will take Manta’s relationship to Murad’s mother who was supposed to fix the relationship. That is, in a way, she has come up with a bond of vows to establish a relationship. If they want to have a good relationship then they should marry outside as their adventure because in the earlier review, I told you that Manat is shown doing a lot of adventure here.

Her understanding will be very good, she is very open and very blunt, as you have seen in the last episode that she put the manager’s watt, so she will also take this decision, so complications will be created from here if the children If you had to marry yourself, why bring it into the process of establishing a relationship and then the many thrilling scenes you will get to see are different in New Pakistani Drama Munnat Murad .

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Well, a lot of people were also asking who this character was dreaming of and wanting to marry.
Isn’t that the case, I feel like he just wanted to marry a nice beautiful girl and he had dreams of the same thing but when he got a girl in practical life, now he is chasing her with a lot of drama. Very entertaining, and will not bore you at all. The first episode was very funny. Iqra Aziz’s decent acting is very good. How will she perform the role?

New Pakistani Drama Munnat Murad Episode 2 Teaser

In the beginning, this is how it works slightly, yes, she is a good, decent girl, but she will be vibrant from now on, so it is a very good drama.


Ihram e Junoon was a bit controversial type but some scenes can be different content-wise it will be very good but the characters shown here are very interesting except one which is Chaudhry Sahib. His character was very irritating. People are asking about the story of Mant Murad. I would like to say to them that let two or four episodes pass, then will compile the whole story well. What are the possibilities?
The drama has just started. Yes, some dramas review the complete story after the first episode.
But For This Drama, I Will Encourage you To Watch a Couple More Episodes until you Know The Actual Story.

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