Top 5 Pakistani Actress 2023 | Best Pakistani Drama Actress

Who are the Five Pakistani Actress in the drama industry who can be called the best actors of 2023 with amazing acting skills, we will discuss why placed in the top five Pakistani Actress list, and first I would like to say that this specific list is based on those who have worked recently.

Top 5 Pakistani Actress 2023

Now these actresses are doing very well in the drama of two years ago. So it may not be added to this particular list.

Top Five Pakistani Actress list

Who are these five Pakistani Drama actresses and which are their dramas that you should not miss, based on their acting skills, this list will be quite interesting.

5 # Dananeer

Here we will discuss which actors we have placed in the fifth place in this list and it is a big deal for any actor that rank in this way. Now you will think that this is his perfection, that along with being new, the kind of acting he has done in Muhabbate Gumishda Meri is very phenomenal.

Overall her expressions are very good and the character she has got is a cute little girl who is still young, what are her expressions and how she comments on different situations. All the words and many lines are very cute and the way Dananeer has presented them is very well, being new comer and we was not expecting to perform her act so well here.

Most of the actors who are seen are new faces especially since they work in seven or nine-game slots and then after some time, they get smart atm. There is something special about the girl, because of which she should be taken as the lead in this drama, and here You will remember the drama Sinf-e-Aahan. If seen, she was much better than all the other actors.

There was a second reason because of which he probably got the job. If you haven’t seen the drama Muhabbate Gumshuda Meri, it is also very superb. With Khushal Khan is doing a great job. It is a good interesting play. You must watch it.

I would like to mention here that about such actors who are very cute in appearance but their acting skills are also very good and this specific list is not made on the basis of anyone’s appearance. Purely acting skills and those who have done great work recently, here Dananeer is on the fifth no in Pakistani Actresses.

4 # Neelam Munir

Recently Neelam Munir’s drama Ehraam e Junoon there is going on if you watch her act, the way she is carrying her expressions and who was a character of a different nature which she played very well. His acting is very enjoyable to watch, his dialogue delivery and especially in this drama, the whole game is about expressions, the whole game is about the feelings of different moves, how you have to give different expressions and a Personality should be seen which is visible in their character.

But sorry Imran Abbas, who is quite a senior actor, doesn’t look anything special except for his robotic sea lux and blue eyes. So, while acting naturally, he speaks as if someone is speaking in a very agitated manner. I have always objected to his speaking and his acting skills.


So Neelam Munir is in the fourth number in this case, according to you, who could have been the fourth number in Pakistani Actress.

3 # Haniya Amir

Now let’s talk about number three here about an actress Hania, the best thing about Hania Aamir is that she is very consistent in the Pakistani drama industry over the last three years because Normally, it has been seen that the actresses are sitting on the wind horse and become very famous in a moment and after one and a half years no one asks them or they themselves do not ask the drama industry.

She is very consistent and working with great passion, although she is not getting any good roles recently, the directors keep her only after seeing her good acting, but one thing must be accepted. Even if Rona Dhona is doing very well, and if we talk about 2023, here she has marked herself in a very good position, because her acting skills are so good.

I would like to say one more thing about Hania Aamir that after seeing her, it seems that whatever emotional turmoil is going on with her in her real life, it does not allow her to carry it in her professional life. By the way, he is having a very good presence in the Pakistani drama industry, but what do you guys think, what is the scene of Hania Aamir in the comment section?

2 # Yumna Zaidi

So the name of this actor is Yumna Zaidi. Yumna Zaidi is a very talented actress. If we talk about their talent, there is no doubt that they do their work very hard and if they get a negative or stupid character, we start having issues with them personally.

Why you have done of this character means if you do a good role, then I think that an actor has some special quality due to which the production team also thinks that he will suit for that role.
Because she is going to do her work with all her heart. I think they have been used very badly by the production teams with very stupid characters, that’s the reason that we might start getting a little confused about their faces in the future.

If we talk about her acting skills, just think why we got so angry with Meereb last time, we felt like she should be slapped on the face with the way she is spitting and all her stupid actions here. Very good, the other character should be answered, but there was a discussion about the character, if the actress talks, then Yumna Zaidi is Fantastic.

He was used very badly in the drama Bakhtawar, he was used in a stupid character, and in Sam Goes with Merib, Yamna Zaidi is second no, and personally, I have always been impressed by his acting and being a drama Annalist. Here is the responsibility to give you fair feedback.

Do you want someone else to replace no 2 a Pakistani Actress, you have to tell me in the comments.

1 # Saba Qamar

If we talk about the actresses who are contributing to our Pakistani drama industry, then let’s talk about the number one Pakistani Actress who is in the first, second, or third position whenever we talk about actresses.

Which actresses of Pakistani drama industry are there who do only one drama or two? First of all, they are always doing their acting very well and I feel like they have done their whole life. Perhaps she has left for acting because nothing like this is going on in her personal life. There is talk of Saba Qamar’s wonderful drama which was launched in the past called Sar-e-Rah. She did a superb acting there.

And especially the drama that has just been launched “Tumharey Husn Kay Naam” on Green Entertainment, she is giving a very amazing opening, which means that, who has always been the best Pakistani actress, is also marked at number one. If you watch any of Qamar’s dramas, you will be surprised at how much dedication and natural way she acts.


The most special thing about this actress is that she not only acts well, but chooses her character very thoughtfully. I will see what effect will be given to my fans by playing this stupid character. The special thing about Saba Qamar is that we put her on the first number because she is doing super acting, but also this thing. I care about how my fans will react to this character on my profiles, that something that I have to take seriously.

So the Best Pakistani Drama Actresses in my view of 2023, should have been on this list.

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