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Mayi Ri Episode 59 Something important will happen, so they called, let’s go outside and turn on the speaker so that I also know if there is an emergency or if they want to follow up and give some help.

Yes, you are doing a show called Kone Banega Crorepati, isn’t it?

And listen to this from Auntie Rahela. A person marries a second time for the sake of his son. What is the guarantee that there will be a son? Inshallah, there will be a son. When I know how much Habib is worried about the son, did you put a microscope and see that? What gender are you going to be or have you been an assistant to a chromosomes scientist?

Mayi Ri Episode 59 Review

InshAllah, it will be a son. You already know that you have to have a son and you have to give an heir to this family. Well done. Well, it will be fun if, in the next episode, it is shown that Rahela Aunty has a daughter and not a son. Yes, then all the dreams of this poor woman will be shattered because there was no shortage of daughters in this house and Habib Mian kept telling me.

One thing is not understood what is in the ear of Habib Mian who keeps holding it all the time. It tries to show a very strange disturbing character that was shown to you and this tendency to pass inheritance to the son. It has become very old.

Mayi Ri Episode 59

If we have a son, he will inherit our family and will look after our business well. It is also seen that people demand a daughter whether it is a daughter or a son. You will be surprised to hear why this is good because many people are looking for a daughter  with the same thought.

Also want to raise them because they make them the owner of a business and get them married according to it and get them to sign such a contract that in whatever work they will do for the rest of their lives, so much of it will be theirs and the rest will be given to us.

While sons always want to take full ownership, many sons put their old parents on one side, which means that their time is over, and our time is about to start. This is not the case with daughters. Having a son is not a bad thing. The concept of sons and daughters, yes, we need a son, is now disappearing, because we are seeing a very strong conflict in it, and whether it is a son or a daughter, it is up to you.

It will depend on your upbringing, what kind of mentality you have injected into him, and what you will teach him will reflect back to you. No matter how old you are, this is the desire of all mothers, whether the boy is young, earns well, has a small family, or is a businessman, which mother does not have such a wish, but why does she not think that young boys are never so successful?


Maybe if you want a successful man he is between 26 to 32 years old, if he comes later then definitely older and if he is younger then he is probably perfect for you. It won’t happen. His condition will not be very stable, and seeing the people who bring relationships in this drama will make me laugh, I remember our Dudhwala.

Mayi Ri Episode 59

There was a superb scene in the last episode where you hire the maids, but these maids do big scams, the bell rings outside my house every day, keep us employed. There are so many cute girls sometimes that you wonder why they need them.

But brother, mostly what is happening is that due to these servants, thefts are happening in your house first. They inform the thieves, they even tell the basics about it, and they make it easy for their fellow workers to know that there are these things lying around in their house. And it takes so much time, this is the routine, that people just go and hide during that time. There won’t be any family at home at that time. If there are people at home, how many will there be? All this information goes to those workers.

It just so happens that this maid cleans your fridge from the outside as well as the inside. You don’t realize it but she keeps doing it. The most important scene in My Re Episode 59 is where she is shown giving him cough syrup during his rest cycle to make him sleepy.

You don’t have to pick her up and move around. Now you will think, then what should you do? Where do you keep the maids? Where is she from, where has she been staying before and then, she has to stay with you, she does not have to go anywhere from your house in the evening, or she keeps the working woman who does not take a new girl with her every other day, she always comes with her? She is on her own and don’t keep that maid at all who is constantly asking you about the personal matters of your home. If you want, shut her mouth. what politics is going on in her mind You never know.

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Listen to Fakher. I am talking about the fact that the degree is just a piece of paper, which should be thrown in the dustbin. Value no I know that this statement of mine hits a lot of people again and again especially those who have done the degree I have also done don’t think that maybe I didn’t do it that’s why I’m forbidding others.

I have done it and it didn’t help me so I am explaining to you guys that the world has changed. I have worked in corporate for 12 years and to date I don’t remember how many companies I have shifted. No matter where the degree is demanded, bro, take your degree, they look at your direct skills, what is written on your CV, and what is your experience, they take your live test, your communication.

How many people I have hired who used to say that we have done this from such and such a university? Generation has an excuse to take the liberty of going to college universities and enjoying themselves and partying full time and what innocent kids are doing thinking that maybe they are going to get some very good results in the future.

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And so and see Faraz Mian’s discussion here too, he is leaving behind his lovely beautiful Begum and is running behind Aunty. I mean, sometimes I wonder if wealth really attracts people so much that they are everything.

I still remember back in 2021 when I got a proposal when his mother said directly that we will fill your house and give you this car. For a moment, I just imagine that I have that house and I have that car too. How e feeling? I don’t like living in this house at all because I don’t know who those people are who sit on top of something given to them and enjoy it, at least with a servant like me. Not at all, it is a very interesting drama. Mairi is a drama that is not at all based on two-centered characters, but every character is seen differently here in Mayi Ri Drama.


It’s fun to watch each character get immersed in their story, and last but not least, we’re proud to see Annie say I love you and that’s going to happen in the future because there are so many things. Which will be revealed soon. There is so much cushion in I still believe drama that at least 10 to 15 more episodes can be added here. Please let me know what you think in the comment section below.

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