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In the very first episode of Khuda Aur Muhabbat and here on Munnat Murad, you will be shocked that you may be forced to watch this drama till the end.

Munnat Murad Episode 1

The first thing you will see is that even after three or four years here Our dear Iqra looks stunning in this drama, there is no difference at all that she had a baby in this whole duration, and she looks very cute. If you found Khuda Aur Muhabbat Season 3 too superb, this is a much better-revised version where you will be shown some similarities with a new story that you got to see in season three of Khuda Aur Muhabbat.


I would like to appreciate her because they have tried to give almost the same get-up as her Khuda Aur Muhabbat season 3 when she was in hijab but here will be dressing on the other end because She is shown to be from a rich family, she is shown to be the only sister of four brothers and in such a way they love her sister very much.

Munnat Murad Story

An adventure that Adventures Girl is shown in Munnat Murad. Whether she car accident or hurts herself or anything do, her family always loves her. she feels that no matter what I do in life, my brothers, and my family will never say anything, so now you can guess what is the mentality of this character and what can he do next.


On the other hand, you have been shown a boy Murad who is played by Talha, one of the most talented actors and a very underrated actor. This is a big best match in the drama and you will feel after watching the drama. Now it is something like that Murad’s family is shown as a lower middle class family where his sisters are also. At the same time, his grandmother or mother is shown to be very proud of his son which means he serves him a lot and does not take even a single step without her permission.

Munnat Murad

On the one hand, the girl shown who does everything of her own free will, on the other hand, a boy who does nothing without his mother, asks her to serve her, respects her a lot, so that mother is always here. She wants to rule over him, she tells him that no one will come in this house without my will, meaning daughter-in-law, which is one of the main concerns of mothers.


This is an interesting point in the story, it may be there is a manager in a restaurant and in this case his first encounter with the character of our Iqra, and when he sees him, he will be a little confused. Iqra’s character has also been shown in such a way that like big adventures, she will also like him at first sight, then again and again Iqra will go to the same restaurant and they will have interaction again and again, even though Murad’s friends, they will also start to notice that yes, your girl is coming, so their love story will go on.


Iqra knows his family won’t say anything and Murad on the other hand knows that he can’t do anything without his mother’s permission so they will play adventure as far as she will tell him that we both like each other. So, before we introduce the family members and get into other quarrels, we will just get married first.

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So this is what will happen in this drama and you will be shown that these people will get married, they will be very happy, they will be excited, and then later when they will tell their family members that first of all Murad tells his mother sitting in front of him that if he wants to bring a daughter-in-law in this house, she will protest loudly that nothing happens in this house without my will.


Well, her mother will disappoint her and on the other hand, it will be shown that Iqra’s father says to her that I have given you all permission but never crossed the line. Crossing the line means getting married as I want, so the drama will largely depict the struggle that the parents on both sides will go through in their journey to reconcile and show off. journey despite being legal husbands and wives, they will not be able to meet each other.

Mannat Murad Episode 02 Teaser

There will be such conditions of the family in the middle that you may be shown that they are forced to take diversions and in some cases may even do something. I think apparently is a great new concept I have seen the teasers of it I like the story I think this drama can go viral very well I mean here Iqra has done such a job.


She definitely does very good acting, if not too much like Mubashra, because look at Mubashra, what a great actress in the drama, Aiza here, but still she doesn’t get that level of priority. Why can’t it because when you over-exaggerate things, it doesn’t look good. From Talha, I am excited that here are some supernatural expressions and her condition is also great. Well put so it’s a good start that here Pakistani drama industry needs a lot of good dramas at this time because the last six months especially since the Teri bin drama ended even that was a big drama.


Let’s move further and the industry was surviving well, but now there is a lack of good dramas and six to seven months have proved that we should give priority to our superstars. Feroze Khan’s dramas should come like Iqra’s dramas and besides that, we should keep our top actors and actresses at last in the loop so that there must be a drama that is 20 million to 25 million always on top of every episode.

Watch: Munnat Murad Episode 1

Give us good views so it’s a good start and I’m very excited to see what’s going to happen in the first episode. It is going to have two episodes in the week starting on Monday and Tuesday or on September 26 and its mega episode will be launched. What do you guys think?
Do you guys think that this drama will be able to entertain very well?
Do you find the small crux of the story in it interesting or not?


It seems that there may be something else, so please write your feedback in the comments. There are very few dramas that pre-review even before their launch. something and here discussed on Munnat Murad because is going to be our next blockbuster drama.
Another big confusion. Yes, people think that this is a funny drama. I don’t think so. It’s going to be funny. If you look carefully at its teasers, yes, the funny element is in the special start episodes of every drama. But it’s a very complex story, thrilling drama, and many interesting moments in Mannat Murad.



Q1: How does “Munnat Murad” compare to “Khuda Aur Muhabbat” Season 3?

“Munnat Murad” draws parallels from ” Khuda Aur Muhabbat ” Season 3, presenting a reimagined storyline while retaining certain elements that fans of the original series will appreciate.

Q2 : When does “Munnat Murad” air?

“Munnat Murad” is scheduled to air its episodes starting on September 26, with two episodes per week, airing on Monday and Tuesday.

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