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Ishq Murshid Drama Bilal Abbas’s acting has reached the next level.

Ishq Murshid has now become such a drama that I am compelled to say that if you haven’t seen this drama, it seems like you haven’t seen anything. Bilal Abbas’s acting in this drama has reached the next level. He has played a double role brilliantly, portraying both a poor man and a rich man in a very realistic manner. The excellence of acting and the abundance of super dialogues in this drama make it a must-watch. Let’s delve into a more detailed discussion of why this drama is a must-watch.


Ishq Murshid Drama Story

Ishq Murshid Episode 7 Review Urdu Drama Point

The first intriguing question is who killed Shah Mir’s mother in Akcholi. The character of the father, portrayed with convincing body language, doesn’t immediately suggest corruption. However, he is on a political suffering, has remarried, and may be involved in the murder; there could be more to the story.

Sukaina in Ishq Murshid

Sukaina in Ishq Murshid Episode 7 Review Urdu Drama Point

After Bilal Abbas, if there’s someone whose acting deserves appreciation, it’s Sukaina’s character in the last episode. It’s surprising that a supporting role can deliver such natural expressions. Particularly, the scenes at the hotel where she meets Shahmir’s friend are very interesting. The dialogue about being poor and her humorous discussion with her husband add depth to her character.

Ishq Murshid Drama Episode 6

Shahmeer at Sea in Ishq Murshid Episode 7 story Urdu Drama Point

The upcoming episode raises the question of what will happen next. Before that, some scenes in the latest episode brought a lot of laughter, especially when Shah Mir explains his remedy for panic – walking up by the sea. The humor injected into the drama, like Samand entertaining Amir when troubled, adds a unique element. This drama, with its distinct story and the rare concept of a double role, stands out. While such concepts are common in Bollywood, they are seldom seen in recent movies.

Shahmeer Sikandar and Fazal Bakhsh

Ishq Murshid Drama

Bilal Abbas’s portrayal of the non-specific role, transitioning from Fazal Bakhsh to Shahmeer Sikandar, is commendable. His selection for this role was perfect, showcasing his ability to balance cuteness and grace. Unlike some actors who may not suit certain roles, Bilal Abbas fits this unique character seamlessly.

Ishq Murshid Drama Cast

  • Bilal Abbas Khan as Shahmeer Sikandar aka. Fazal Bakhsh (Act)
  • Dur-e-Fishan Saleem as Shibra Salman
  • Omair Rana as Dawood- Shahmeer’s father
  • Zarmeena Ikram as Farah
  • Hira Tareen as Mehreen
  • Samiya Mumtaz as Zubaida Sikandar
  • Adnan Jaffar as Haroon
  • Salma Hassan as Safia
  • Awais Sulaman as Faraz
  • Shabbir Jan as Faraz’s father
  • Noor ul Hassan as Salman
  • Rabia Noreen as Nargis
  • Hafsa Ehsan Abbasi as Sukaina
  • Sajjad Paul as Zohaib
  • Srha Asghar as Maliha
  • Sajid Shah as Safdar
  • Ali Gull Mallah as Fazal Bakhsh (Real)


Production Information:

The romantic narrative is penned by Abdul Khaliq Khan, known for his aggressive writing style and previous works like “Daadam” and “Mohabbatean Thaje-ul-Wadaa.” Farooq Rind skillfully directs the drama, showcasing his charming talent, while Momina Dared serves as the producer under the banner of A Moomal Entertainment & MD Productions.

Production Mistakes:

The dialogues in this play are intriguing, avoiding the common pitfall of repeated phrases and fillers seen in many dramas. However, there are some directorial missteps, such as the portrayal of poverty solely through messy hair. The specific get-up of a poor man could have been more nuanced, showing that even a poor character can take care of their appearance.

Ishq Murshid Episode 7

Ishq Murshid Drama Cast Urdu Drama Point

The next episode promises a revealing finale, as Shibra’s artificiality starts to unravel. The artistic appeal of the setting gradually captures Shah Mir’s interest, leading to mischievous activities. Sukaina’s support in maintaining the deception adds an entertaining twist.

Ishq Murshid Sukaina Real Name

Hafsa Ehsan Abbasi as Sukaina in Ishq Murshid Drama. She plays Shibra’s sister role.

Where to Watch:

Audiences can watch the drama on HUM TV’s official channel and YouTube platform.

Day & Air Time:

“Ishq Murshid” is scheduled to air every Monday at 8:00 PM, with each episode having a duration of approximately 40 minutes.

Ishq Murshid  Episode 08 Teaser

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For those confused about which dramas to watch, I recommend ‘Raah Junoon’ for Danish Taimur’s captivating performance and ‘Namak Haram’ for Imran Ashraf’s unique role. ‘Ishq Murshid’ is a must-watch if you appreciate creative thinking and serious themes, despite some flaws. Another drama worth considering is ‘Cruelty,’ with its different concept and potential blockbuster status. Lastly, Feroze Khan’s drama, launching soon, is expected to garner attention even from those not regularly watching dramas.

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Sukaina continued to support him wholeheartedly, without revealing the situation to the family. It becomes apparent that Sukaina is quite entertaining when she pretends to be poor in front of everyone. Those present perceive him as impoverished, yet he skillfully manages both the Edens. Turning his actual status into a facade of poverty for the rest of the people is indeed a remarkable drama.

“Ishq Murshid” goes beyond the typical drama experience, offering a journey through the realms of love, passion and enmity. With a stellar cast, talented creatives, and an engaging storyline, this drama is poised to make a lasting impact.

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Ishq Murshid Sukaina Real Name?

Hafsa Ehsan Abbasi as Sukaina in Ishq Murshid Drama.

What is the story of Ishq Murshid?

“Ishq Murshid” is a drama series that revolves around the character Shah Mir and the mystery surrounding the murder of his mother in Akcholi. The storyline explores themes of love, deception, and societal dynamics.

Who are the main actors in “Ishq Murshid”?

The main actor in “Ishq Murshid Drama” is Bilal Abbas, who plays a double role, portraying both a poor man and a rich man. Other notable actors include Bilal Abbas, Dur-e-Fishan, Hafsa Ehsan and other.

What is the timing of Ishq Murshid?

“Ishq Murshid” is on air every Monday at 8:00 PM

What makes “Ishq Murshid” stand out from other dramas?

“Ishq Murshid” stands out due to its unique storyline, the exceptional acting of Bilal Abbas, and the abundance of super dialogues. The drama combines elements of mystery, humor, and social commentary, making it a compelling watch.

Why is Sakina’s character receiving praise in the latest episode?

Sakina’s character is receiving praise for delivering natural expressions in her side role. Her interactions at the hotel and the humorous discussion with her husband in the last episode added depth and entertainment value to the storyline.

What are some notable scenes or moments in the latest episode of “Ishq Murshid”?

Some notable scenes include Shah Mir’s remedy for panic, where he walks up by the sea, and the humorous portrayal of different characters’ reactions to troubling situations. The drama combines humor with serious themes, creating a unique viewing experience.


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