Ishq Murshid Episode 8 Intriguing Twists and Turns

The Intriguing Twists and Turns of ‘Ishq Murshid Episode 8’

“So, Fazal Baksh gets slapped in Ishq Murshid Episode 8. He is going back to his village. What will be the reason behind the slap, and how will he break up with his uncle, who had built such a good chemistry?” A big explosion will be shown in the 8th episode of Ishq Murshid drama. The story is going to be more interesting, so what are those points? I am going to tell you interesting points in this article.

Ishq Murshid - Episode 8 Twits and Turns

Shibra’s words

We did not understand Shibra’s words. In the beginning, she was shown as a copy of her father, but listening to all her words here, she is just like a pure, meter-listening girl. He will not marry me, who is a minor clerk, and I am the Commissioner of Futures. Expand your thinking a little; that poor thing has become poor for you, and you should be very rich and great.

It is quite an interesting drama. Here, we get to see a lot of wonderful jokes. It is a pure light-hearted drama, in which we find Bilal Abbas’s acting especially great. Seeing this, it seems that the character made by Fazal Baksh is only made for him. The rest of the serious acting is good, but we are enjoying the character of Fazal Baksh a lot.

Ishiq Murshid Real Fazal Bukhs

If you people have thought a little, the real fazal in this play is also very interesting. Its character is very funny. Bilal, who is our serious character, is copying the same and doing it better than the copy. Well, his words are also very interesting. That poor person is starting to work not one, two, three, or three jobs, and it is exactly the same with the poor; they do not generate enough income from any one job to support their family well. So, Fazl Baksh is a very fun character, and especially the one who acts more inspired by him is even more fun.

Ishiq Murshid Interesting Characters

Most of the characters in this play are very interesting. If you think about it, the friend of Sulaiman here also develops a lot of interest. Especially when he goes in front of this girl who takes a lot of interest in Sulaiman, he is getting a feeling inside that maybe he has called me in a private place. Her expression becomes quite peculiar when she says, “You know what I’m talking about?” indicating that he is aware she is certainly not interested in me.

The character of Sulaiman is a very polished character. Salman knows exactly what to do. By looking at his seriousness you will never be able to consider how firm he is in his intentions, but when he is Fazl Bukhs we will have a very good explanation.
Now there will be a very superb explosion in the next episode, and there will be a great story development. How do we get over it now?

Now, if you think about it a little bit, in the latest episode, Shibra goes here to meet him, and then Grijoly starts to like him too. There are many girls who will ignore a guy to the point that they somehow get the idea that we are interested in him. But when such an atmosphere is created in the family, his mother is very supportive and he himself when this thing finally fails, that it is not so easy to get rid of him.

Shibra and Sulaiman’s Characters

ISHQ MURSHID EPISODE 08 Shibra and Solomon Characters

So you will see how she went to him and congratulated him, and then after congratulating him, interesting words are such a thing that anyone can be impressed that yes, shut the phone up. I’ll give it to her; she is also tolerating and telling him that he is showing big eyes. These are all things that will move you in the direction that Shibra has a next-level attachment with her. That’s what our Solomon character wants; that’s why he’s so graciously made here.

Now what happens is that in the latest episode, when he is talking on the phone, before picking up the phone, he says that my girlfriend’s phone has rung, in which I am interested. So the next man hears this, before he also tells him that my father-in-law is just like our boss. Now the father-in-law is like a boss and then the girlfriend’s phone is coming.

And then when he is talking to her, he takes the name Shibra, now when he takes Shibra’s name, the clerk is quite surprised that it means our boss’s daughter. And he also goes to his house and is talking on the phone in this way, he has sheltered him in his house and all these things are known by your highly connected employees. Definitely a good honest employee will never keep this thing in his heart, but he will tell directly.

Many people are also thinking that since he is misbehaving with Sakina’s mother-in-law, it is definitely very strange.


If you live in this house, their employees have sheltered them, then any other person who brings in this house will be respectable for you. The acts of misbehavior should not have been as shown, so people are feeling that when he is misbehaving a lot, maybe someone else in the house found out and that’s why uncle pushed him out of the house or slapped him. This is not the reason for slapping.

What is the Reason for Slapping Fazal?

The reason for slapping is that here, the clerk will tell that the way you put the grace. He lives at your house, and I heard that he is talking to your daughter on the phone. So, at first, he won’t believe her, then when he goes home, he will see that Shubra is now interested in him, and he will also fall in love with her.
In any case, they are playing games, they are going to do anything, then this thing will not be tolerated by our uncle at all. And maybe doing something like that, going close or talking to him in such a strange way.

Uncle and Solomon Characters in Ishq Murshid Episode 08

Upon hearing the uncle, they will unquestionably slap him and demand that he leave the house. If he face eviction from the house, the rest of the family would support him. Owing to the fact that he has rescued his mother on numerous occasions, she holds him in great admiration. His younger sister, and she is well aware that despite his high standards, he is enduring financial hardship for the sake of my sister in this household. Consequently, she holds him in high regard. Despite the challenges that Shibra is facing, she is now beginning to support him as well.

In light of these circumstances, he is bound to express his sentiments collectively. Why do you insist on not allowing the little daughter to stay at home? You seem content only when positive things are happening within the household. What is the issue with you?

Why Family Demand Bring Back Fazal

When the whole family will tell that he is a big, innocent, good person, there is nothing like that, then maybe he will get another chance to come to this house and then a big limited area will be given to him. You just have to stay here; there is no need for him to get up and sit between us.
But from here, it will be revealed to you that what is happening is a narrowing situation, sometimes hitting stones, sometimes encountering various challenges. Due to these activities, when Shubra becomes involved involuntarily, her love story will progress further, becoming the biggest problem. When doubt about something takes root in your mind, it creates significant conflict.

Uncle’s Doubt Ishq Murshid Episode 8

Now, since the uncle had doubts before, this incident may have occurred, causing the uncle to be divided again. He will not allow Fazl Bakhsh to get close to his daughter at all. On the flip side, only his younger sister knows the truth. Consequently, it becomes intriguing to consider how people will react when the actual truth surfaces, revealing that he is the son of such a prominent politician. What will be Shibra’s reaction? But until then, it is possible that Shibra will be infatuated with Fazal Bakhsh, dreaming many dreams about him. It seems that I will witness all the interesting scenes in the Ishq Murshid Episode 8.

Fazal Baksh’s character does not last very long in this drama; it is only until his truth is revealed to everyone. As soon as this truth is exposed, within the next one or two episodes, Fazal Bakhsh’s character will be completely clarified, leaving only Sulaiman’s character. Sulaiman is confronting numerous challenges, one of which involves tending to the daughter of his father’s friend.

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Meanwhile, it was shown how to solve the trouble caused by him and find his true love, for which he has put a lot of effort. These are all interesting points, Shibra will realize that someone who has been working like her for so long must have a deep love for her. This is the reason why Shibra’s love will be strong, but if there is a rift, it will be with her father.

Ishq Murshid Episode 8 Promo

In the next episode, it may be revealed that once he breaks his role and perhaps arranges Sukaina’s marriage, there is a possibility that, at some point, this person can be accepted and embraced. What the outcome will be is a matter of contemplation for Shibra.


In the end “Ishq Murshid Episode 8” offers a charming blend of comedy, drama and interesting characters. Starring Bilal Abbas acting, the story unfolds with twist, which has kept the audience enthralled. Complex relationships and mysteries promise a compelling narrative. As we await the Fazal Bakhsh’s character, the drama promises to keep the audience engaged with its unique storyline and well-portrayed characters.


1. Why was Fazal Baksh slapped in the Ishq Murshid Episode 8?
• This is the result of a scarcity of Fazal Baksh’s objectionable actions, as he was abusing Sakina’s mother-in-law, which his family did not like.
2. What makes “Ishq Murshid” stand out among other dramas?
• Ishq Murshid drama stands out for its light-hearted thought- storyline, exceptional acting, and a perfect blend of humor and drama.
3. Is Fazal Baksh’s character pivotal to the plot?
• “The role of Fazal Bakhsh is brings a unique style to the play. The events that happen around him play a prominent role in the story.”
4. How does Sulaiman’s character contribute to the narrative?
• Sulaiman’s character brings depth to the story. his serious demeanor, his intentions become clear in lighthearted moments, adding layers to the overall plot.
5. What challenges does Sulaiman face in the series?
• Sulaiman faces challenges such as dealing with the daughter of his father’s friend and resolving the mess he created while navigating his own quest for love.
6. Will there be a significant plot twist in the upcoming episodes?
• Yes, the drama promises a superb explosion and story development in the next episode, raising the anticipation for a compelling twist in the narrative.

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