“Khumar” Feroze Khan New Drama 2023: A Unique Love Story

Famous Pakistani actor Feroze Khan’s Upcoming Drama “Khumar” is about to be released. It is all about A Unique Love Story and has some surprises for the audience. Khumar Feroze Khan New Pakistani Drama 2023.

Khumar Feroze Khan New Drama Story

Khumar New pakistani Drama 2023 Picture

A Special Love Story

Hareem is played by Neelam Muneer, a popular actress in Pakistan. She always looks lovely on screen.
An ultimate love story will be shown, where status will not be an issue, but time will be an issue. The theme of the whole play can be put above that if your timing is not perfect, reveal your love and tell your partner that you really love him/her. This is what Feroze Khan New Drama Khumar is all about.

What’s Different in Khumar Drama?

The show is inspired by the theme of “Khuda aur Muabbot Season 3,” which brings positive vibes. People are hoping it’ll be a big success.

Relationships in the Show

No Rich-Poor Divide
This drama is different. Both main characters are from good families, so there’s no big difference between them.

Secret Love
There’s a mystery admirer who leaves surprises for Hareem. It’s a secret love, and it keeps you wondering who it is.

Love’s Complications

Without Words Love
Feroze’s character doesn’t tell Hareem about his feelings, and that causes problems. Her family wants her to marry someone else, which makes things sad and confusing.

Love Confusion
Hareem knows Feroze’s character but doesn’t know it’s him showing her love.
What to Expect

Big Wedding Scenes

The show has grand wedding scenes, just like in ” Khuda aur Muhabbot Season 3.” There’s drama and a big surprise at the wedding.
Khuda aur Muhabbot Drama were interesting points of season three .They will definitely be cashed here because Har Pal Geo wants to do if they are going to cast Feroze after such a long time, is to make a lot of money.

Khumar Drama: Teaser 3 

People love these things, so the same sad scenes, the same looking into each other’s eyes and talking and trying to make her fail in this thing, how wrong she’s doing. It may also happen that something like this happens on the occasion of marriage, something similar is read in his eyes, after which he refuses the marriage and then the drama reaches its peak.

Love vs. Society
The drama is about love and how it’s affected by society’s rules. It’s a big conflict in the story.

The Exciting Comeback

Feroze and Neelam’s Acting
Fans are excited for Feroze Khan’s return and Neelam Munir’s good performances.
Feroze Khan has its own dedicated audience. And surprisingly, recently, Neelam Munir has made a very good name here. After the Ihram e Junoon, Neelam Munir has reactivated herself, so this will be a very interesting pair.

Khumar Feroze Khan New Drama Cast

• Feroze Khan
• Neelam Muneer (Hareem)
• Hina Bayat
• Asma Abbas
• Adnan Samad
• Behroz Sabzwari
• Zainab Qayoom
• Shehryar Zaidi
• Sheherzade Peerzada
• Minsa Malik
• Kinza Malik
• Mehmood Akhtar
• Agha Mustafa
• Hamzah Tariq
• Ayesha Rajpoot
• Mizna Waqas
• Sohail Masood
• Birjees Farooqui

Hope for Pakistani Dramas

This show is part of a good series of dramas. It gives hope for better Pakistani TV after a not-so-good period.

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Feroze Khan New Drama Information

Channel Name:    Geo TV
Drama Name:       Khumar
Country:                Pakistan
Language:             Urdu
Director Name:     Ali Faizan
Writer Name:        Maha Malik
Producers:             Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi
Running Time:      40 Minutes
Drama Day:           Coming Soon
Drama Time:         Coming Soon

Your Thoughts?

What do you think about the Feroze Khan New Drama “Khumar” that will be a hit or it can make you rot like hubs. The characters are so different, I don’t think that’s going to happen.


Some good drama series, which one wants to keep in the loop every year. Some play by (Khumar) Feroze Khan, some by (Rah e Junoon) Danish Taimoor, and some by (Namak Haram) Imran Ashraf. These three plays are starting at a very good time. which the audience likes.

For the last one and a half years, the drama industry of Pakistan was traveling on a very bad path. Having to admit the fact that our lead cast here are very good superstars, we should keep them in our dramas. Because new faces are very hard to digest especially if they are not doing well then you get totally bored. But those who are very good actors or actresses, you want to see them.


Q. Which is Feroze Khan first drama?

He started his acting career on television in 2014. Feroze Khan’s first drama was Bikhra Mera Naseeb as Harib.

1. What makes “Khumar” different?
• It’s a different kind of love story, not like typical dramas.
2. Is the story only about love?
• Love is a part, but it also shows how society affects love.
3. Are the characters usual or different?
• The characters are a bit different from what we often see.
4. Why is timing important in the show?
• Timing is a very big deal; it’s about when to say “I love you.”
5. What can we expect from Feroze and Neelam’s acting?
• They’re going to be great together, making the Khumar Drama really interesting.

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