Top 5 Pakistani Drama

Best Heart Touching Top 5 Pakistani Drama So Far!
In the Pakistani drama industry, some dramas are launched in such a way that they stay in your heart. These dramas are heartwarming to watch again and there are some scenes in them that you never forget.

Top 5 Pakistani Drama

These Top 5 Pakistani drama that will touch your heart. If you haven’t seen these dramas, you must. Along with the names of these dramas, also tell you the reason why you are going to like these dramas.

 Top 5 Pakistani Drama So Far!

(5) Raaz-e-Ulfat

Those who have seen this drama will know very well why I am talking that the drama is going to touch your heart, especially the environment that was created was very superb. Javed Sheikh’s son was amazing and Yamuna looked very cute and such roles suit Yamuna more and the second drama was Pukar where her role was great.

This is the special thing about Raaz-e-Ulfat drama. That Yamuna belongs to a middle-class family and falls in love with a boy from a very rich family and the OST that plays along with it has made the drama great.

The number of which drama could have been according to you will be mentioned in the comments.

(4) Cheekh

Cheekh drama will make you scream because its story is so awesome. There are superb scenes in this drama where Wajih is punished, the way he apologizes is very painful, Mannat’s character and acting are great.

This drama also created a very good atmosphere, It was written by Zanjabeel and the director was Badar Mahmoud. Cheekh drama is recommended for those who like CID-type dramas. It is full of suspense and emotion.

(3) Parizaad

The OST of the play Parizaad and the special thing within the play which is acted by the character of Parizaad is very awesome. The way his journey from poor family to extreme rich is shown is amazing.

Parizaad drama is close to people’s hearts because many people’s stories are hidden in this drama, and many people can relate to Parizaad drama. It specifically showed that the lower class person gradually grew. It was shown how girls who did not even see Parizaad before gradually aspire to be him.
Noman Ejaz’s character was very great, a big business guru. Parizaad drama was a masterpiece.

(2) Raqs-e-Bismil

Raqs-e-Bismil was a drama that must have touched your heart every episode was very emotional. The environment created within this play takes you to a very different world. A world that takes you back to love twenty years ago where you are shown a man falling in love with just seeing his eyes and trying to tell her, and that girl is also watching him.

After falling in love, he finds out that his profession is very bad, so the girl knows that he will leave her after he finds out. But the love of these two buries all this logic. Imran Ashraf’s one of the best dramas Raqs-e-Bismil and those who like Sara Khan, this combo will be seen by you in any other draw.

The second special thing about Raqs-e-Bismil is that the OST of it is very good, Listen to it with headphones and close your eyes, it will take you to a different world.

(1) Meray Humnasheen

Some of the scenes in the drama Meray Humnasheen are so sweet and beautiful that they hardly need to be discussed. To tell her fiance how much she loves him. She writes his name very heartily.
You may not be able to understand this scene, and how difficult it is to continue your love story in the northern area, but after watching this drama, you will have a special understanding. How the Pathan family keeps their family tied with tradition.
How difficult it is to present yourself there, who you don’t want to be or are.

You will get to see all these scenes in Meray Humnasheen’s drama. The journey shown here of a girl who wants to become a doctor from the northern area is also very awesome, the character of the doctor who is shown in the drama is definitely famous. Every character in this play has its own depth.

Like every drama, there are not only two or three characters, but five or six characters each have their own unique story. If you haven’t seen the drama Meray Humnasheen then you must watch it, and those who have seen it must give your opinion in the comments.

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These are the Top 5 Pakistani dramas that will touch your heart if you like Pakistani drama.

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