Pakistani Drama Kabli Pulao Episode 9 &10

If you want to know about the unique Pakistani drama Kabli Pulao, the story that hardly anyone can predict. The acting of all the characters along with the leading cast was very good, Interestingly, we are going to predict the end of this play. In the latest episode, there are massive explosions.

Pakistani drama Kabli Pulao Review



Uncle tells Barbina that you know,
He is as old as your father.Treat me as your elder brother,
Uncle Ji, you are his grandfather’s age.
Is it really so difficult in Pakistan that you have married someone?
Still, society doesn’t let him live.
Yes, it really doesn’t live. Especially with the age difference, the things that Haji Sahib is facing, the way he could not make her protect in his own house, and the way Haji Sahib is cooking and presenting food for Barbina after the marriage. And it is said that the newlywed bride is treated like this in our country to win the hearts of serious people in the Pakistani drama Kabli Pulao.

But this story is made for these actors and actresses, What have Sabeena and Ehteshamuddin Sahib done? There is no example of Haji Sahib. He has given such good emotions and expressions.
Burhan’s coming to this movement can add a big thrill. Already, there was a lot of tension going on about Haji Sahib who was being humiliated from place to place with his Begum. So the return of her husband in such a true situation can definitely create a big problem.

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Haji Sahib repeatedly mentions Burhan, do you remember him? Do you still miss him? That Means Haji Sahib thought something. He got married twice but Haji Sahib is not getting close to her, he is not able to build the relationship of a husband and wife, so you should also note that this will take the drama in which direction. Burhan’s return to the stage will give you a very villainous feeling as he will create a lot of tension.

On the other hand, Barbina respects Haji Sahib a lot but inside she loves Burhan a lot. Now Burhan will go to find him, the family will investigate him that Haji Sahib is not known where he went, if you know, you must tell us.
On the other hand, this woman does not understand what this woman sees in Ghafar, nor does he have any personality.
You yourself are looking very beautiful and, such a person who is an extreme hottie.

What Burhan is going to do, he will spy on his wife full-time. At one time, they will both stand in front of each other and you will be shown that Barbina is very worried and in pain, but she will not leave Haji Sahib.



Haji Sahib who has been protecting them in every way till now. A big event is going to happen next which will be shown to you in the last episode of the drama. Haji Sahib says one thing that if anything happens to me, you will have to remarry Burhan immediately in Pakistani drama Kabli Pulao.

The way Haji Sahib is treating Barbina like a child and the respect that Barbina has been given to Haji Sahib, she also engages in such a way that Haji Sahib will die in the future. And if this girl goes to Burhan again, then she will get her love, but Burhan will be very surprised to hear this from Barbina, No matter how long I was with him, he did not touch me and treated me just like her own children. They knew that I had to protect this girl and bring back her love.
Haji Sahib should be remembered on a very good notice.

Everyone will praise his good words. In the last episode, you guys must tell us in the comments what you think is going to happen in the story.

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