Pakistani Drama 2023 | Funniest Series Bashu

Funniest Pakistani Drama 2023 Series Basho

Today we are going to discuss the Pakistani Drama 2023 Funniest Series Bashu in detail. If you guys haven’t seen the Bashu series, I highly recommend you watch it.

If a girl is mistakenly hired in any government department in Pakistan, what happens to the people around her?

Pakistani Drama 2023 Funniest Series Bashu

Funniest Pakistani Drama 2023 Bashu

When I have seen it twice, you do one thing or give me your WhatsApp! Brother, you have to keep your sister’s tuition, why do you need a WhatsApp number, you will sit and watch dirty movies and even if an officer is starting to do good work, he should first look after his mother in his house. After preparing his food, he comes to the office, when he comes, his officer and friends sit and lick their fingers in front of his eyes and eat his lunch.

So here is a little bit of a mother’s responsibility and especially emotional inferiority complex, forget about your marriage. Even if he wants to get married now, he has no choice.

Ms. like her who comes to the department, even if she can approach here, the guy can’t, because guys like her are just busy asking for WhatsApp numbers day and night, morning and evening. The cast of this drama is very interesting as John Rambo looks like the original Rambo which created a huge explosion in the Pakistani drama industry.

Now coming to the Bashu series, what is Bashu? Basho goes to the corner of the street and stands in such a way that his father has to feed him in the car to see my dear Neelu. So here our Bashu is being badly humiliated by his viju i.e. Wajahat because of his stupid actions, and he is very much interested in Neelu, Neelu who seems to be in love. He is innocent, but forced by circumstances, he is busy doing many tricks here.

She steals while working at a medical store and joins a parlor again.
Now two major families have been shown to you. A Bashu with himself and his old mother in tow, Bashu’s job is almost over.

On the other hand, you are shown the character of Neelu, whose father has made his daughter a burden by carrying his existence with difficulty. So how Nilu and Basho will be shown here going forward, is a very interesting point in the Funniest Pakistani Drama 2023 Series.

Something happened that the people who were married by the department get some special allowance because our Bashu Bachare is not married and he does not even know how to read and write.

Basho goes to the lady and asks to give him this allowance too, then she says, get married first, now when someone raises this issue in front of Basho, Bashu will say that it is not a problem at all.

Nilu is caught in the act of cheating and forces her to sign a document, so here it will be a marriage document. will face suspension, as the department will find out that the marriage papers are fake Trapped, and signed.

In the first few episodes, she will definitely find him and finally find him, but here she might be forced by Viju to accept the marriage proposal, Neelu has nothing to lose. , many girls have rejected Already Basho, even if one believes that he has a job and a good car, when one does not marry him, his attachment to Neelu will grow. Neelu will see that I was not forced in any way.

But he is receiving it from his parlor. The attachment is growing, and the situation can force you at any time, to betray the biggest. And anyway, Nilu is famous (Chorni hai chorni).

Pakistani Drama 2023 Funniest Series Bashu

So what kind of deception will she go ahead or how does she force or have any such demand that you do this to me, otherwise I will go and tell your department that you forcibly married me in this allowance cycle.

This scenario can also be how a person who has not been married since the age of 45 and finally if faced with a theft.

Will they be able to become a couple in the future or not what is the most burning question to answer in this series? I want you guise to watch the series, you will have a lot of fun.

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Very well done Centography. This series running at a slow pace will give an interesting feeling.

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