Pakistani Drama Sirf Tum Next Story

First of all, the latest episodes of the Pakistani drama Sirf Tum were very interesting, especially there were two or four scenes that made a good impact on the drama, and predicted what big explosions would happen in the next episode. There are This review article will be quite interesting, especially for those who have been following the episodes of the drama Sirf Tum.

Pakistani drama Sirf Tum scene abeer left home

Pakistani Drama Sirf Tum Next Story

And in particular, the actions are discussed first. The interesting scenes here do not mean that Hamza, who was trying to enter the house with a big bang, was stopped by four security guards and said, You cannot enter the house. But this guy had a direct entry into the office while the security of the office is more tight. You could not enter this house, but you have directly entered this man’s office, while the security of the office is more tight.

The second thing is that the way Hamza has insulted his father-in-law and especially Amal, it was a very great scene, meaning these scenes gave a lot of life in the drama. There are divorces at many points in all the dramas, but the divorce that Hamza gave to Amal was different. It was fun here, but I don’t understand why tears came out of Amal’s eyes. Oh, you are very brady and in such a way that you are going to file a harassment case against your husband, if he divorces you or leaves you, his reaction here was very strange in Pakistani Drama Sirf Tum.

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And then another thing is very interesting to hear that maybe Amal is not his daughter or he had adopted her, well she doesn’t even look like his daughter. There is also a lot of difference in the features, so it doesn’t look like a daughter from any angle, so it’s also a great scene to watch, where something might come out that yes, did he really adapt it?

The way he is acting either indicates that he doesn’t actually have a daughter or that he isn’t actually a daughter since if you have a daughter, why wouldn’t you think so at this age? You constantly provoke his foolishness at home.

Abeer & Hanan Relations

Abeer is becoming very toxic in the latest episode that means here they don’t even listen to her. Special Hanan drags her away and says listen to me but still they say no, you are in a state of confusion. You already wanted this, then this is the mis-understanding of women, but here the wives who start thinking very negatively, then they get to see the thing in the practical ground that you saw what I was telling you earlier. Even if Hanan was not interested at all, you saw in the teaser that he is now talking to her and Infect is going to meet her.

Yes, no doubt Ben-Wife must be a little over-productive when you see him trying so hard to get close to you, how come he let Hamza get his hand. Even if he had caught it, it is the fault of both Abeer and Hanan, but if we look at it as a couple, it is Abeer’s fault that she is being trapped in the hands of a wrong person. Last Hanan even if he is being trapped then definitely try to talk then one point Hanan is a bit too much.

Now coming episodes will be very interesting because here Hamza has given divorce to Amal and his target is only to somehow get Abeer divorced from Hanan and after that I will tell the family. Yes, get my marriage back with him and this thing he has already explained in his house, now something will happen that here you will be shown that Hanan is also slowly being tracted towards Sara and Abeer is listening more to her words, who was more into the thing that yes, Hanan is wrong, because he has failed to say that yes, I will be the clippert show if I leave it in this case. Trying to clarify herself in Pakistani Drama Sirf Tum.

Whereas over and over again Hamza will convince her that yes he still loves her very much and will take care of her and you can see that Hanan is taking a lot of interest back in Sara. Now you understand that Hanan will be confused by Sara’s words and Hamza will be confused by Abeer and both Abeer and Hanan will decide that yes, they have to separate.

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Now they will be very close to separation, then there will be a big explosion. What is that explosion? You saw that Hamza who is in the last episode insulted his father-in-law very badly in front of him. If his daughter has been divorced, then what do you think that those people will sit with their hands tied like this? Not at all. He was trying to enter my house to do something wrong with me and his security guards will also testify and the cameras will also be a case against Hamza.

And we are not obliged to give her any kind of money, on the contrary, she has to give us money, in the form of dowry, the huge amount of dowry that she has written, if the husband divorces, then we have to give it to him. From where will Hamza give the money and there is also a case of harassment against Hamza, then the police will come and arrest Hamza at such a great time, where he was making a big conspiracy between Hanan and Abeer. Everyone’s tension will be back again with Hanan and Abeer hitting on Hamza and the two who were so close to divers will not be divers full time now that he is locked inside the cage.

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In such a long time, all the things from behind will slowly open up and start coming to the front again
How Hamza was misrepresenting all these things, he was deliberately getting close to Abeer and how much he forced Sara to come back into Hanan’s life.
These things will be exposed in a powerful way and then both of them will say that they are thankful that they did not have a divorce. will start and poor Hamza will rot badly in jail and his parents will try to get him out of there.

Sirf Tum Next Episode

So here are some of the scenes of the next stories that you will get to see. The rest of the latest episode was hilarious. Hanan gets a call from Sara and you are sitting to clear your wife’s misunderstanding. You should put the phone on open speaker and talk to him and if you are not talking on open speaker then why are you running so fast, his mother is ill, so take the wife with you. Let’s go. He said ok, you also come with me, we will go, I will show you where I am going and for what purpose you are going. Sara is getting bored sitting at home so she will have some entertainment in Pakistani Drama Sirf Tum.

Pakistani drama Sirf Tum Scene at Sara Engagement

And the most important thing is that here it was shown to Sara that for every small and big matter, she calls Hanan directly to ask him, you have no acquaintances and no relatives, so it was shown that her house There is also a mail employee who works to leave the doctor at the door, so why didn’t they take her mother to the hospital? Why didn’t Sarah get help from her housekeeper? Why did she call Special Hanan here? There are so many bongs that we get to see in the latest episode and I don’t understand why this lipstick trend is so popular, every other actor is shown wearing that special lipstick to pink up the lips.


Another thing that could be very interesting in the last episodes is that when Amal realizes that this is not my real father and that he has never been saner about my future, he might go for a good job. It should be done that Hamza, who has been locked up in prison, withdraws his case and returns it to his family, and then Hamza becomes wise enough that as long as he continues to do all these stupid acts, he will keep his money. It will also waste time and therefore it should be improved so that interesting scenes can be shown to you in the upcoming episodes of the Pakistani Drama Sirf Tum.

Last Episode: Pakistani drama Sirf Tum 

Apart from this, currently, among the new dramas that have been launched in Pakistan, there is no very interesting drama that we can say that yes, this drama will really catch fire, as it happens every time. He has been more famous whether it was good or bad but currently there is no such drama going on if you guys have any such drama then please let me know in the comments.

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