5 New Pakistani Dramas 2023

Many dramas started in August, but they are not fun, so I thought why not tell you about 5 New Pakistani Dramas, if you start from this time, you will start enjoying them. Here is the story. Very interesting and especially these five dramas will be picked up, so which are these and mainly these are the new dramas in this article.

List of 5 New Pakistani Dramas 2023

(5) Baby Baji

5 New Pakistani Dramas

This drama is a complete family drama where you are shown the role of a senior lady and how she takes care of all her daughters-in-law and especially her sons very well. But very super drama, her name is Baby Baji, the character shown here is Baby Baji, she is very interesting.

Along with the rest of the post artists who are actors and actresses they are doing a very good job very natural everyone acted and the story is very crispy In any family there is one person who is very toxic. with his son and his daughter-in-law, The woman disturbs everyone a lot, so if you haven’t seen this drama, then it comes in fifth place in the list of top 5 New Pakistani Dramas, which you should start from now.

(4) Mayi Ri

5 New Pakistani Dramas

At number four, there is a drama that started recently and the story is very unique and interesting. The name of this drama is Mayi Ri. It is shown that if the father is getting sick, then he is getting his children married, who are still under age. Why are they not of marriage age? You are getting them married now, if you get them married, it doesn’t just mean that you got them married, yes, that’s right, these children will not know, those children will remain children for the rest of their lives, children will not remain children.

When you get children married at a young age thinking that it means other things will happen later, then this thing is wrong. Boy’s Best Age Up People may differ but in this drama, it was very well portrayed how when underage kids get married they fight among themselves because of their young age. Your temperament is very high and here you will not only get angry but break your relationship, you will get to see all such challenges in this drama.

You will be told that you should not do such stupidity. Well, if you are going to the next place, then go calmly. At least don’t make the lives of those behind you hell. If you guys haven’t seen it, start it now. It’s a new drama. You will have a lot of fun in the upcoming episodes.

(3) Jhok Sarkar

5 New Pakistani Dramas

I will discuss the drama in this list because when I watched the visuals of some of its episodes, I really liked it. I am more impressed. I will tell you the name of the play is Jhok Sarkar. It is a story that shows a girl living in a village who wants to be a teacher. A police officer is shown. How does he interact with this lady, there is a good love story here, exactly the one you will remember from the drama that happened in the past, Eman and Munib’s name was Bandi, and there is a similar story in it where You know that those who are landlords have a very dirty look on the girls and also on the police.

Then in this way, they are forced to do wrong and illegal activities along with her sister or a friend is also shown and she will be kidnapped and her lover will destroy her. It looks like a very crisp and interesting story due to which people like it a lot. so the Jhok Sarkar in the top 5 New Pakistani Dramas 2023.

Because there is hardly any drama of Hiba Bukhari that has not become famous. Along with Farhan Saeed, he also looks very good. The policemen have become infamous in our society. They think that we humans are probably meant for these things, so there should be a lot of dramas where a police hero is shown, a positive character is shown so that people try to be like him, you see.

In the last 10 years when the Indian police also started doing a lot of bribery and such stupid things, you got to see a series of good police officers in their movies which led to a change because People are now inspired by their heroes that they see in movies or dramas, so we need more such heroes.

(2) Ehsaan Faramosh

5 New Pakistani Dramas

The name of this drama is Ehsaan Faramosh. It is going to be launched recently. It is a drama that has created a lot of shivers. A character that you have seen before in the form of Ruhi is Momina Iqbal. I think she can portray this kind of character so well that many drama producers are casting her for similar roles.

So there is a story in Ehsaan Faramosh that means it is shown that the daughter of an employee who has been brought up in a very nice big house and there she is starting to compete with her sister. If any relationship comes then it will probably come for my sister but fortunately, she gets married into a very good family.

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Now, in the place where she got married, she has gone away with her beauty, but her inner poverty, which she got from childhood, is starting to annoy her somewhere and she wants to get rich or make a name for herself in the house.

Since his sister-in-law understood very well that this woman was not good, she was very good-looking, but her plans were very dangerous, so this is a very good interest development in this drama. They drown the peace of the relationship and then the entire family. Secondly, the motive of this play is that when you have to watch any dramas that watch you, at the same time the fun starts, when you start with this drama. If you haven’t seen Ehsaan Faramosh, then start watching right now. It will have two to four episodes. This drama is going to hook you very well.

(1) Mein

5 New Pakistani Dramas

Now we discuss that there is a drama on the first number which has a very super cast and now the second episode will come next week so the first cast of the drama.

Here Wahaj is the same Tere Bin Ka Murtasam with a different rapper and we are getting to see Mehwish who is from Mere Paas Tum Ho drama, playing the role of Mubashera in this drama is a very interesting role full time toxic. I am saying this because people are getting very fond of watching this Toxicity, so they enjoy it here, the girl doing stupid things and next-level stupidity, it is a very interesting drama, and the first episode is fun.

Watch Full Episode: Mein Episode 4  28 Aug 2023

In particular, the main thing about this play is that it is written by Zanjebel, She is a writer who wrote Chenkh and I am very impressed with her writing because there are many twists and turns in her stories. There are more, you saw in the first episode that they gave shocks like Chenakh drama, so you will get to see many shocks from now on.

They are waiting for what will happen and think how special this drama can be.

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