Mayi Re Episode 18 – Mayi Ri Drama Ep18

Mayi Re Episode 18

in Mayi Re Episode 18 Jamshed said Aliya, what happened, your physical condition is fine. I have been working since morning, your health has deteriorated.

Thanks a million to Allah. Zaheer comes home from the hospital. Habib, Faraz, Saeqa, and Fahmi start trying to humiliate each other there.

Mayi ri Drama Episode 18

Jamshed says to Aaliya. I have already told you that if you have a headache, leave the work, it is not necessary to press the head first. Jamshed’s mother comes there. And she says that she is deceiving and if she loves me then make korma for me now. Jamshed tells Aaliya, Aaliya, take some courage and make it. Aliya adds more chilli to the korma.
You also think that I have done it on purpose. If I do anything in Jamshed, I cannot make a place in Amma’s heart, she will not like anything. But I will not give up.

Dadi calls everyone in Mayi Re Episode 18 and says you all are fighting. Our house in the neighborhood is an example of how these family members live like a lump for each other, but this lump turned out to be a mess. Bhai is in bed and you guys have no shame, she says to Habib that you should handle the business. After Habib leaves, she tells Faraz and Saeqa that the business will not be handled by Habib, but after some time you have to handle the business.

Zafar calls Fakher and says that everyone is fighting with each other.

Zafar calls Fakher and says that everyone is fighting with each other. Among the house and property is the share of Saeqa, Fahmi and Habib. But no one has been made a shareholder in the business. I have made this with my hard work only for you so that you can be your mother, wife and if possible grandmother, after me and live a comfortable life. Don’t let all of you scatter and wrap up. Samina used to say to Zafar that why are you saying these things.

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Aaliya goes to the kitchen at night and changes sugar, salt, and chili spices from the spice boxes. And in the morning, Jamshed and Aliya are cooking food, then she tells Jamshed that they are keeping the spices in the boxes. That’s why more chillies were added to the korma. Jamshed says I understand that Amma has done all this.

Samina gets worried about the situation. Fakhir says don’t worry, they are not going anywhere leaving us, my son has grown up.

Mayi ri Episode 18

Zafar says to Aini that you are not angry with me. I married you and Fakhir because I am saying this because I took a very thoughtful step. Both of you are special to me. I get worried about whatever is going on between you two. These quarrels have a very bad effect on our lives. We are happy, don’t worry, Fakhr and I have become friends. Arguments will also end and if something still happens, I know you will fix everything.

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