Ishq Murshid Episode 9 Promo and Review

Ishq Murshid Episode 9 Promo and review this drama which has become a blockbuster is starting to become very famous here. What is special about this drama and what interesting scenes were in the Ishq Murshid Episode 8 and 9 promo. I am going to discuss the ins and outs of all these questions.

Ishq Murshid Episode 09 Bilal Abbas Acting

Ishq Murshid Episode 8 Story

So, in the latest episode, what time does his phapo say?
Why don’t you give divorce, dou divorce, get rid of him, end the whole story.
Literally I get chills after seeing Shibra’s response.
Are you standing and watching the spectacle? If you want to divorce, give it time, then take your mother from here.

The whole mistake is with the model and asked the person how big your mother is saying. This is the question of your life, one leg is in the grave and one is outside, so take a decision from yourself. There is a very stupid character is totally dependent on his uncle that all matters will be fine only if he gets a job.

If a man wants, he can do anything by himself. From zero, I have seen boys rise to the top. If he keeps a good house, if he has education, he should have done everything. I don’t even understand that instead of here, Shibra’s mother should support her husband, saying that she got peace, that’s what you wanted, right?

And Sakina Bibi also says that yes, this is what you wanted, you didn’t want, you didn’t want this, or your daughter’s divorce. Curse the thought that where the father is ready to spend his entire retirement, he will support your future husband in every way, but still the remarks about your own father.

So, your family should be united. When you see that someone is insulting you a lot, you should support any family member. It seems that this uncle does not care about anyone except Shibra.

Ishq Murshid Episode 9 Promo and Review

Ishq Murshid Episode 09 Promo

In the next episode, our Shahmeer will play the same game again that the same thing should not be shown repeating again and again. Well, he did this to his friend by kidnapping and blackmailing him in this way. Will he kidnap every character in this way?

The same is seen in the next episode as well, as if he will make his father and son take a coked nap. And then he will threaten to say yes to this relationship otherwise it will not be good.

There may be some such scene that you will be shown and after this threat if these people accept the relationship then I think that it will not be so interesting work. On the contrary, something should happen that Sukaina should be shown taking a stand here so that she herself says that I will not allow any more disturbance in my father’s respect at all. Well, if he doesn’t want to marry me, don’t take your mother.

Idly, the comments given by Shibra should have been given to Sukaina, then the fun of the drama would have doubled and after that both the mother and son should be shown thinking that they should not have done this.
In the latest episode, the time when Shahmeer gets slapped, this scene literally makes me sad to see that the man has been raped. What is the poor thing doing for his love?

Bilal Abbas & Durefishan Saleem Ishq Murshid Episode 9 Promo

Bilal Abbas Acting

Ishq Murshid Episode 09 Bilal Abbas

How a big interesting story has developed that he is staying at his house. He is working in his father’s office, so many things are near to impossible in the practical ground that he can manage all this in this way, but to the extent of the drama, it is a lot of fun.
Watching the scene of the drama, when he gets slapped and then his saying that the poor can only pray, this was the only sound that came from my heart.

I must say that 70 percent of the fun in this play is because of the double role of Bilal Abbas and as well as he is playing this role, he is acting great. When he is in the role of Fazal, he does not give any filler as if he is acting. It happens that inside the play you get a feeling that he is trying to be good, he doesn’t seem like he is actually the same character, so here we must appreciate the actor’s acting.

If you want to see a piece of art, if you are really keen on acting, you want to see versatility. If you want to see a content that looks like you have worked hard and has a unique story, then Ishq Murshid by Something is a must watch.

Ishq Murshid Must Watch Pakistani Drama

And this is the second big reason for being famous. The first reason for being famous is someone else. Hurry up and tell me in the comments what is the reason.

I will tell you the first reason is the OST of this drama which is insanely viral. Many people start making Tik Toks on a specific song, be it any song, any music, video, any drama, any impact movie, it is very famous. It’s going to be a good blockbuster.

Our Ishq Murshid drama has become a blockbuster to a large extent, these are the two reasons. Both the reasons are great, the OST should also be good for any drama and secondly, the standards of acting here are definitely unmatched. As many plays are going on today.

Ishq Murshid Predicate

ishq murshid episode 9 Fazal & Sukaina

If we predict the future episodes of Ishq Murshid a little bit, then Sukaina’s issue will be resolved here first.
After that, it will be shown here that when such a person resolved so many family issues and kept acting for so long that he became poor and he compromised all this by staying in this place. So after all this, when any XYZ reason comes up, he will definitely be thrown out of the house.

After throwing Fazal out of the house, when the whole family will think that that person will be here for what purpose, what can be the intensity of his love, what kind of mentality did he have that he did all this? All these ideas will come to them later.

Especially the extent to which he supported his family, all these things will be cash in the future. The time these people will take it out, especially if you think a little, the character of Shibra here is starting to become more and more inverted in the character of our Fazal.

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She also calls him, asks him, and keeps the news of him, where he is, whether he is eating, drinking or not. Father is calling, where will you stay? You will stay outside on the footpath. Al-two, she lives on a little attitude, she has maintained her attitude, but they are also taking care of her a lot. I feel as if drama moving forward she will be shown to fall in love with Fazal very soon.


There will be some such interesting scenes where Shibra will support that Abba ji, you used to say that there is nothing standard. So it’s okay if he is the servant of our house, right, I love him, so I want to get with me, so something like that can happen.

What do you guys think about the next episode of Ishq Murshid? Let me know in the comment section below.

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