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So, friends, I would like to say about Ishq Murshid that this is the Best Pakistani Drama 2023, but if we mention the last three or four years as well, then you will remember the Bhola character who made your heart. After that, if there is a character who likes you very much, then his name is Fazal Bakhsh.

2023 Ka Best Urdu Drama

The role of Bilal Abbas in the drama Ishq Murshid is becoming very popular. What is special, why his character, is being liked so much? And what is the reason, why Ishq Murshid drama is the best Pakistani drama 2023?

Ishq Murshid Best Pakistani Drama 2023 Urdu

So, the first and most reason why this drama is being liked so much is I’m Seriously Addictive to this OST where his lyrics give you a greater feeling.

Plus the theme of the music is very classical and gives you a feeling that you are in the seventies or the eighties and you have played a PTV drama.

And in such a way, you are getting to see a super script, in which there is art, emotions, and a best act. The drama actors of that era were very versatile.

In 2023, our Bilal Abbas has shown some of the same thing by playing Fazal Bakhsh’s character, carries a smile on his face. Every time you watch this drama, there must be some scene that you like very much.

2023 Ka Best Urdu Drama funny scene

Like in the last episode, I found the scene very funny where our Fazal Mian says to Shibra that when I come back, you have to do one thing, what does she say? Next he will say that you have to welcome me in a very good way means check his wishes.

In the second scene, Shibra tells him that I have 20 thousand, keep it, you will need it. So what an innocent character he has made. He said no, I have arranged the money. You keep this twenty thousand. When I come, we both will have a party together. That scene was amazing again. I had a lot of fun.

Ishq Murshid Best Pakistani Drama 2023

Well, when Shahmir’s friend said that, he became super statusious in the Best Pakistani drama 2023. I was anticipating a humorous moment, and sure enough, in the following scene, he tells his father, “I saw you drowning in the pool and calling for help.” You’re being laughed at by everyone, but nobody is trying to assist.

Ishq Murshid Best Pakistani Drama 2023

This scene also had its own twist and the second servant has heard that the shahmeer little wives here are talking in very strange voices, so maybe she should spread the word in the house that I heard Shah Mir talking in a very strange tone and he is doing some strange things even today.

Best Pakistani Drama 2023

So a new color can be given to this character which is quite helpful because the way he is going to another place, living and not letting his family members suspect anything. Maybe they interlink these things, but the drama is not right, the closes of reality are not right, only fiction is right.

Ishq Murshid Unique OST

This drama is giving a lot of fun, the script is very well written, and all the arrows are on target. Meaning what the writer must have thought while writing Bilal Abbas’s character. Fazl and all the other people together made this play very amazing. The OST of the drama is released, the overall theme of which is very unique.

So these are all the reasons due to which this drama is showing up revealing every episode with very good TRP and also means a little suspense in the future. How will they respond when everyone knows the truth of Fazal Bakhsh? In the latest episode, you saw that Uncle says that he should never lie to me, so this statement has become more heavy on the character of Fazal.

Ishq Murshid Best Pakistani Drama 2023 (6)

Fazal Bakhsh character truth

He has been telling lies since day one, now this lie was due to his good intentions. How will he justify this? Here is our Shibra who has actually started one of her affections, here is a kind of love story that is being generated in her heart for our Fazal Bakhsh character.

So when he will know that Fazal character does not even act out or what he does, he puts redhi which is being shown in the teaser. So this thing is also very suspicious that how Shibra will respond when she comes to know that Fazal Bakhsh is no more, biskelly Shahmir Sahib with whom she has to live, who likes her very much.

Shibra’s Behaviour

Ishq Murshid Best Pakistani Drama 2023

In every episode of Ishq Murshid Shibra, there must be some line written which may not match the context, how can a sensible girl try to explain what happened to her parents? Why are these two reacting so badly? Basically, your sister is about to get divorced. The mother is very upset about this, the father is sitting with his condition. Everything happened in front of her, she is acting as if the environment of the house is very normal.

Shah meer Kidnapped Sukaina’s Husband & Mother in law

Ishq Murshid Urdu Drama

On the other hand, the scene that was shown to you that our Shahmir has kidnapped the mother and son again seemed a bit fake. Meaning now you can see it as a fun element but its serious drama as well. It was a serious issue that I thought was handled much more inside Fun way than it would have been if he had directly hired him. Come on, it’s okay, we have to take care of morality as well in this drama, so he could have done it in any other way by meeting with her and giving financial support to the mother.

If you think for yourself, even on the basis of threats, even if they agree to the marriage, will this question mark not remain forever, which means that he has such a deep connection with Shahmir. He kidnapped us and forcibly married. these all things are not good properly, this ending could have been written a little better or some other good solution would have been put here. I think they look more interesting.

Fazal Baksh has to do what he is doing in the next two or three days and after that it will be shown that yes both the mother and son have become straight. By being kidnapped once and they are behaving very well, where as this cannot happen, you can force someone in this way to get work temporarily, but you cannot maintain a relationship with him for the rest of your life.

What will Shibra’s Reaction

So now we are just waiting for the fact that when the truth of Fazal Bakhsh comes out, then where Shibra’s love story will have reached after that. How much will she protect the same character who helped her escape the house first? Thus, these are all the elements that contribute to the drama’s increased appeal, which is further enhanced by the fact that it is well-written and entertaining to watch.


Ishq Murshid Urdu Drama Views on You tube

Ishq Murshid Episode 1

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Ishq Murshid Episode 2

  • 17 Million Views

Ishq Murshid Episode 3

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Ishq Murshid Episode 4

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Ishq Murshid Episode 5

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Ishq Murshid Episode 6

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Ishq Murshid Episode 7

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Ishq Murshid Episode 8

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Ishq Murshid Episode 9

  • 13 Million Views

Ishq Murshid Episode 10 Teaser


Today I will say this is a must-watch Best Pakistani Drama 2023. Specially, all our big stars play Danish Taimur (Rah e Junoon) Wala, Imran Ashraf (Namak Haram) Wala, and you will also get to see Feroze in the drama Khumar. But this time, Bilal Abbas is overshadowed, and his drama is having a lot of fun. That’s Every Thing About Ishq Murshi urdu drama.

You guys have anything of this drama that looks very interesting.  Share your comments. Apart from this, there are Top 5 Urdu Dramas that you must watch.



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