Top 10 Mahira Khan Drama List


Mahira Khan who recently tied the knot with businessman Saleem Karim. Today we will talk about Mahira Khan Dramas List. such dramas of Mahira which mesmerized the viewers.


Top 10 Mahira Khan Drama List

Top 10 Mahira Khan Drama List

10. Aik Hai Nigar

Aik Hai Nigar is based on the life of Pakistan’s first woman Surgeon General Nigar Johar who is the country’s first three-star woman general. Aik Hai Nigar started in an interesting way, and there was interest in it till raging in Armi Medical College, but then the story became cumbersome. It has suffered from weak direction because at many places the details are severely lacking. At many places, Nigar Johar’s romance has been given unnecessary weight and many times it has been left incomplete.

The director of this telefilm is Adnan Sarwar. who has earlier made a movie called “Shah” and “Motorcycle Girl” which was made on the life of Pakistan’s only Olympic medalist Hussain Shah and wife Zeenat Rizwan who traveled to the northern regions on a motorcycle. What makes the telefilm worth watching is the performance of the actors. The weakness of the director is undoubtedly supported by Mahira Khan and Bilal Ashraf with their performances. A woman over 55 years of age was to be presented.


9. Churails

Mahira Khan plays the role of Shaughfta in Churails The story of Churails revolves around four women who become spies after the infidelity of the show’s husbands, who risk their lives to save the lives of other women like themselves in the series. The web series shows four women leaving home life and exposing cheating husbands. Asim Abbasi directed the witches. In the web series, Sarwat Geelani has played the role of Sara, Yasra Rizvi played the role of Jaganu, Nimra Bacha played the role of Batul and Mehrbano played the role of Zubeida and the web series shows women belonging to four different fields as a gang.

8. Neeyat

Mahira Khan has played the role of Alia in the drama serial Neeyat. The drama is about the emotions that still exist among a few residents within a sentimental society of New York because they are rooted in the socially tight-knit society of Pakistan. Set in New York, this series tells the story of Humayun Saeed, a Pakistani citizen who lives and works on a temporary visa. He is dating Aaliya ie Mahira who is doing her Masters degree at Columbia University.

Alia belongs to a very big and strong political family of Pakistan but has a limited code with them. Ismail i.e. Ahsan Kan is her close friend, a photographer by profession, he thinks he can win her over despite knowing about her relationship with Sikandar. After learning that Alexander’s visa has been revoked and facing the prospect of being returned to Pakistan, Alia proposes that he marry an American citizen in a contract marriage that would allow him to stay in the country.

Sikandar resists explaining that permission may lead to legal complications, but Aaliya remains adamant, which provides a wonderful turning point in the story.

7. Main Manto Nahi Hoon

Mahira Khan has played the role of Madari in Main Manto Nahi Hoon, Sarmad Kost is playing the lead role of Manto, with whom Saba Qamar will be seen.

The story of the play is written by Shahid Nadeem. While the actors include Meher Khan, Nimra Bacha, Sania Saeed, Nadia Afgan, classic drama Don Madad Ali Abaro, Sawira Nadeem, or Sara Rizvi, Hina Bayar, Arjmand Rahim, Faisal Qureshi, Rehman Sheikh, Shamoon Abbasi, Humayun Saeed, Irfan Kahost. , consisting of Akbar Subhani, Ali Sher and Adnan Jafar. The music is composed by True Brew Records, featuring the voices of Meesha Shafi, Zeb Javed Bashir and Ali Sethi.


6. Hum Kaha ky sachy Thay

Mahira Khan has given a brilliant performance in the drama Hum Kahan Ke Sache Thay. The drama serial revolves around a middle-class family consisting of a mother Shamim Hilali, her son Tahir Ali Tahir, daughter-in-law Shaghfat Zainab Qayyum and granddaughter Mashal Kabra Khan. Lives with. The elder daughter Shehla i.e. Huma Nawab is in Kuwait and is relatively more prosperous. She comes to Pakistan every year with her son Aswad i.e. Usman Mukhtar, while the husband of the younger daughter Rabia i.e. Leila Wasti is a government official and they have only one daughter Mahreen i.e. Mahira Khan.

Like the stories of traditional middle-class families, the story of this play also has the spirit of friction in relationships. Bhavaj feels that his Nand is financially and socially stronger than him, moreover, his younger Nand’s daughter Mehreen, who is Mashal’s age, is a bright student who, apart from passing with distinction in her class, excels in school and continues to get awards in the extracurricular activities of the college. The first victim of Shaughta’s competitive thinking is her own daughter Mashal, who always listens to and tolerates the examples of Mehreen’s success from her own mother.

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In his opinion, such things will force Mashaal to work hard like Mehreen, but on the contrary, Mashaal suffers from feelings of inferiority and this thing turns into jealousy over time. From school to university and even at home, Mashal does not miss any opportunity to promote Mehreen.


5. Bin Roye

In the drama serial Bin Roye, Humayun Saeed playing the role of Irtaza falls in love with his cousin Suman Armina Khan, while his childhood friend Saba aka Mahira Khan, who is also his cousin, is very unhappy about this. In Saba’s opinion, Irtaza is only hers. Saba and Suman are actually sisters too, but Saba was adopted as a child because this sister had no children. By the way, the drama is very beautiful and all the actors have acted well, but still there is no life in the characters.

I don’t know why, seeing these roles, one remembers the plays written by Hasina Moin, Anwar Maqsood and Fatima Suriya Bijia, in which the character of a woman was not like a scattered island, but a whole human being. I don’t know why nowadays people like women’s face either crying or full of fake smiles, I don’t know why dramatists have no interest in creating real and life-like female characters.

4. Sadqay Tumhare

Mahira Khan plays the role of Shannu in Sadqay Tumhare, Shannu is a simple girl who lives in a small village and ever since she regains consciousness she knows that her fiance is her cousin who lives in Lahore. Has been done since Khalil. She barely knows him but her image is on her heart, her biggest fear is that Khalil might not love her like that. Like other young boys, Khalil is more interested in cricket than marriage, but when he meets the beautiful Shana at a family wedding, he too falls in love with her. There has been such a love that I think if I don’t get it, I will burn the world to ashes.

Like most love stories, there is a cruel society in this story as Shinu’s parents Rasheed Taya Samia Mumtaz and Amin Khalu i.e. Rehan Shaikh who has decided against Khalil is now looking for a better option that Shinu. Another cousin of Fayaz means Makram Kareem.

3. Shehr e Zaat

The story of the drama serial Shehr Zaat revolves around Hussain and Jameel, the only children of Amir parents living in the world of dreams. She is a fine art student who creates a statue of her imaginary hero and is obsessed with Salman when she sees him, the closer she gets to Salman, the more Salman runs away from her, bringing out his madness and status and finally. Kar Salman is forced to marry Falak. But is Falak happy after reaching his destination? Why is Salman not able to give Falak true love?

What will Falak do when he gets to know the truth? To know, watch Shahr Zaat. The main character of this drama serial is played by Mahira Khan. Opposite Mohib Mirza is the hero.


2. Humsafar

The story of Hum Safar revolves around a girl named Khurat who is married to her cousin Asher. Asher’s mother was against the relationship but was forced by her husband. Khurat has to leave but fate brings them together with another family member Hareem who plays an important role in uniting them.


1. Razia

The drama serial Razia is the story of every girl in the society, whose hopes of the family are broken as soon as she is born and the joy of her birth is also taken away. The story continues in a circle from the birth of a child to youth, from youth to youth, from youth to marriage and from marriage to husband, from husband to son. The eclipse of the sun in the society is eating away at the moonlit night. The story takes place in a dual world, a story teller narrates the story of Razia on stage at a fair, the stage is a story of a colorful world and the story is the same old black and white era where a grandmother wants a grandson and a father an heir. A mother’s role is that of a reproductive machine.

The story has just started, let’s see what the narrator is going to tell and show in the circular story that we don’t want to see, we don’t want to hear or the story has just started.

Mahira Khan Age

38 years

Mahira Khan Son Age

She has a son with her first husband Ali Askari, who was born in 2009. The couple divorced in 2015. Mahira Khan then married businessman Saleem Karim in a ceremony on 2nd October 2023 in Bhurban.

Mahira Khan Instagram

Mahira Khan (@mahirahkhan)


Who is the actor of Razia Pakistani serial?

Razia Pakistani Drama Serial Cast: Mahira Khan, Momal Sheikh, Mohib Mirza, Parveen Akbar, Kausar Siddiqui, Shahira Jalil Al Basit, Kaleem Ghori, Armaan, Kashif Hussain and others. Serial on Every Thursday at 8 pm Express TV.


Who was Mahira Khan first husband?

Ali Askari

The Pakistani actress Mahira Khan’s husband’s Biography was previously wed to Ali Askari, with whom he had a 2009 son named Azlan.


Who is Mahira Khan’s 2nd husband?

Salim Karim

Meet Salim Karim, Mahira’s husband.

Salim Karim is a multifaceted entrepreneur, who has made his mark in the business world as the CEO of Sampesa. The startup lets people make payments directly through their SIM cards, making financial transactions easier for countless people, the report added.

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