Raah e Junoon Danish Taimoor Drama

Raah e Junoon Danish Taimoor Drama

Danish Taimoor is a heartthrob, and people love to see him in these intense roles where he would do anything for his love. Danish Taimoor was last seen in Kisei Teri Khudagarzi, and now he is coming back opposite Komal Meer, so we all will get a new pair in the upcoming Danish Taimoor Drama Raah e Junoon.

Raah e Junoon Danish Taimoor Drama

Upcoming Danish Taimoor Drama

Danish Taimoor has a knack for mesmerizing the audience with his powerful performances, especially when he is ready to climb mountains for love. The talented actor has left an indelible impression with his previous roles in dramas like “Kisi Teri Khadragzi” and “Dewangi”. Now, Danish Taimoor is returning to the small screen, starring opposite the enchanting Komal Meer in the highly anticipated drama “Raah e Junoon”.


Danish Taimoor Rah e Junoon Drama

Danish Taimoor is coming back as Shabriz and looks like his fans will love him all over again. Komal Meer again looks beautiful and fits the mold of the role. Raah e Junoon is produced by Momal Productions. It is written by Rehana Aftab and directed by Ahmed Kamran.

I conducted a small survey asking 50 email fans if they liked Danish Taimoor’s dramas. Out of 50, surprisingly, 36 said they didn’t like Danish Taimoor’s personality either and did not enjoy watching their drama.

Raah e Junoon cast

Raah e Junoon cast includes Danish Taimoor and Komal Meer, the drama also features Hiba Bukhari, Ali Ansari, Saba Faisal, Shagufta Ejaz, Saqib Sameer, Maira Khan, Zainab Qayoom, Ismat Zaidi, Mahmood Aslam, and others.


Danish Taimoor Dramas

There was a general perception that people were fed up with him, but after 2016, this guy improved so much that the drama that was launched here, “Ab Dekh Khuda Kya Karta Hay” became a blockbuster. His impression of his look was phenomenal. People liked his concept very much and after some time a new drama was launched called Dewangi where again some similarities were shown. There are stupid actions that are shown in the drama Dewangi, which people liked a lot.

Ishq Hai

Here, the director-producers realized one thing that people who didn’t like Danish Taimur earlier. He is liking the character so much, he started another drama called “Ishq Hai” this drama was great but here also Danish Taimur was doing the same stupid acts. The same obsession with love is everything. But it didn’t become so viral, then after research, it was found that the appearance of Danesh in this drama is not very dashing, because he was clean shaven in this drama, so he could not become a horror which was made in the previous two plays.

Kisi Teri Khadragzi

The name of Kisi Teri Khadragzi also used to tell by its very name that a person’s selfishness will be shown in it and that was shown by his parents in the start. Danish also played the same role. Dewangi also used to show in his name that a next level of madness would be shown in him, Ishq Hai Again used to tell by his name and Ab Dekh KhudaKiya Kirta Hai then there was a complete line where you knew that he The servant must do something, after which the writer is compelled to name it “Ab Dekh Khuda Kiya Kata Hay.”

Chand Taara

As badly as his drama “Chand Taara” flopped with his wife, it was definitely meant to be here, and he has to channel all that anger into his next serious drama in his best act. Here’s what the going-to-blockbuster Four Seasons Experience says.

Danish Taimoor Drama New Pics

Danish Taimoor Pic In Car Side Mirror

Danish Taimoor Drama New Pics

Raah-e-Junoon-Danish-Taimoors-Upcoming-Drama Pic

Danish Taimoor Drama New PicsDanish Taimoor Drama New Pics Urdu Drama Point

But despite the fact that he had done very stupid, very love-obsessed actions in this drama, that drama also went viral, now a new masterpiece was prepared keeping in mind all these experiences. The drama which was called “Kisi Teri Khudgarzi” took care of all the mistakes that happened in the previous three dramas. A super drama was made and presented here where Danish Taimoor acted so well and his face appearance was so amazing that the drama became a huge hit, the fan following of Danish Taimoor that ever used to get very angry seeing him, started liking him.

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Survey here again, this time asked 50 fans, and out of 50, only 12 people said they were not that excited about Danish Taimur’s drama, but look at the ratio of 37 to 38. Improvised.

Koomal Meer and Danish Taimoor Photo Drama Rah e Junoon

And now the drama is going to be launched Raah e Junoon in Dam Shor that it is going to be a blockbuster because it is a sequel to the same dramas that Danish Timur does once a year like last year “Kisi Teri Khodgarzi” this year. It’s Rah e Junoon.

Koomal Meer and Danish Taimoor Photo Drama Raah e Junoon

We are discussing Raah e Junoon Again, the name is very impressive and the same name goes on, here we get to see the same action, the same stupid and epic scenes in the teasers that we can expect from Danish Taimoor’s next drama.

Raah e Junoon New Teaser

I have told you the history of the last five or six years so that you can understand the level of drama and how many interesting scenes you can see here. First of all, again, the same theme is kept here as in “Kisi Teri Khud Garzi”, there they go to college and do enough beatings, so something similar is going to happen here when someone teases her Meher.

Rah e Junoon Story

Raah e Junoon Danish Taimoor Pic

There was a smell there, seeing that he was saying that the smell is only mine and here he is saying that the seal is only mine. The difference between R and K is placed in the middle, but the rest of the spices are kept exactly the same. And those who had a little objection to Dar Fashan’s appearance that she did not suit Danish Taimur, she had done a good job in this drama.

Komal Meer and Danish Taimur

But these people will not have any objection in this drama because here we will see one of the cute actors of our Pakistani drama industry Komal Meer and she is looking very dashing. Here, the knowledge itself is very scary in his personality, when he has a little thick beard, he looks stupid in a clean shave, and if he does a technical drama from above, he looks very stupid.

Danish Taimoor & Koomal Meer Pic Drama Rah e junoon

Raah e Junoon and Kisi Teri Khodgarzi

In this drama of Danish Taimoor, you will be shown that at first there is a conflict from the side of the family, that is, it seems that another boy is starting to direct the conflict. At first, he clashes with the family or with the girl, but here the director will have more fun in the drama if he gets an opponent. The drama also shows the same level of passion that Meher likes at times but sometimes she gets tired of saying that you cross all the boundaries of love and say that you love. There is no such thing as love in it.

Danish Taimoor and Komal Meer pair

The shorts shown in the drama have been shot at very good locations and you will also get to see the romantic scenes in this drama. First of all, I would like to ask you guys how attractive this pair of Danish Taimoor with Komal Meer looks. I really like a great pear, the only thing to look at is that the issue of height should not be too much because Komal’s height is not very high and Danish is a bit tall and wide, so let’s see how she flaunts.

Rah e Junoon Release Date

Rah e Junoon Drama release date on 9th Nov: 2023 at 8:00 PM

But it will all depend on how both have acted and how the writer has written. Sometimes it happens that the same actors are cast but the writer writes so much mass change that it doesn’t suit the specific actors on the character.


So if we talk about Danish Taimoor, then such scripts suit him a lot. You will be surprised if there is any actor among Faisal Qureshi, Feroze Khan and Imran Ashraf, who has not played a role of this level where forced anger and fight, but no one suits anyone as much as Danish does. I don’t know if his body language is like that or he does it with too much passion but we are having a lot of fun.


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What is Danish Taimoor age?

(February 16, 1983) 40 years

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