Kuch Ankahi Last Episode 27: Happy and Sadness

Kuch Unkahi Last Episode

The final episode of the highly popular drama series Kuch Ankahi Last Episode aired on ARY Digital on July 15, 2023. This much-anticipated episode delivered both joyous and melancholic moments, leaving the viewers with mixed emotions.

Kuch Ankahi Last Episode

A Heartwarming Finale:

Kuch Ankahi is a popular Pakistani drama Serial. The serial is directed by ace director Nadeem Baig. produced by Six Sigma Plus Productions. The drama writer Muhammad Ahmed who also played the character of father in the drama. The stellar cast of the drama includes Babar Ali, Vaneeza Ahmed, Sajal Aly, Mira Sethi, Qudsiya Ali, Adnan Samad Khan, Bilal Abbas, Ali Safeena, Asma Abbas, Irsa Ghazal, Sheheryar Munawar, and others.

The Joyous Endings

A Match Made in Heaven

Aaliya and Salman:

The central characters, Aaliya (portrayed by Sajal Aly) and Salman (portrayed by Bilal Abbas), finally found solace in each other’s arms. After enduring numerous trials and tribulations, they realized their deep-rooted connection. In a heartwarming climax, Salman proposed to Aaliya, and she wholeheartedly accepted. Their love culminated in a splendid wedding ceremony that left everyone awe-struck.

An Unexpected Union

Sofia Phupho and Thanvi Sahab: 

Sofia Phupho (played by Mira Sethi) emerged victorious in her tumultuous journey as well. Overcoming significant hurdles, she finally embraced her destiny and agreed to marry Thanvi Sahab (played by Adnan Samad Khan). Their understated wedding ceremony symbolized their genuine happiness and the triumph of their love against all odds.

The Melancholic Endings

Unrequited Love

Asfar’s Heartbreak:

Asfar (played by Sheheryar Munawar) experienced profound heartbreak as Aaliya chose Salman over him. Despite harboring deep affection for her, his love remained unreciprocated. Determined to heal and move forward, Asfar resolved to embark on a new chapter of his life, free from the chains of unrequited love.

Shammoo’s Bittersweet Acceptance

Shammoo (portrayed by Vaneeza Ahmed), Aaliya’s mother, yearned for her daughter’s happiness above all else. Although overjoyed by Aaliya’s newfound love with Salman, Shammoo couldn’t help but feel a tinge of sadness witnessing Asfar’s shattered heart. Ultimately, she selflessly embraced the reality that Aaliya’s happiness held paramount importance over her own desires.

A Satisfying Conclusion

The final episode of Kuch Ankahi provided a gratifying conclusion to this captivating drama. While some characters savored the happiness they rightfully deserved, others grappled with heartache, yet remained hopeful for the future.

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Viewers’ Mixed Reactions Kuch Unkahi Last Episode:

The audience’s response to the concluding episode of Kuch Ankahi was diverse. While some expressed contentment with the narrative’s resolution, others felt a sense of disappointment. Nevertheless, the general consensus remained that the drama was exceptionally scripted and impeccably performed.

  •  Kuch Ankahi Last Episode was incredibly well received by viewers. The joyful ending for Salman and Aliya left Kuch Ankahi viewers satisfied, but they were quite sorry for Asfar.
  • While watching Asfar by himself didn’t sit well with viewers, they adored Aliya and Salman’s final scene. They also adored Phupo and Thanvi Sahab’s song.
  • Fans thought Kuch Ankahi was a flawless masterpiece that didn’t drag and had a lovely conclusion. The viewers praised the makers for producing a show which is different from all other hyped up shows.
  • According to viewers’ satisfaction, Kuch Ankahi is pure entertainment, according to fans. Some fans supported Aliya and Asfar and believed that Aliya made the wrong choice, but overall, people were happy. They would miss Kuch Ankahi, viewers said.

International viewers concurred that Kuch Ankahi is an underappreciated gem that everyone should watch.

In Conclusion

Kuch Ankahi stands as a masterfully crafted drama that beautifully portrayed a heartwarming tale.

Watch Kuch Ankahi Last Episode 15th July 2023


Who wrote Kuch Ankahi?
Kuch Ankahi was written by Syed Mohammad Ahmed, co-written by Muhammad Yasir, and directed by Nadeem Baig.

What is the story of the Pakistani drama Kuch Ankahi?
Kuch Ankahi is a Pakistani television series that tells the story of three sisters, their aspirations, and their trajectories.
The series focuses on posthumous wealth distribution and men’s role in it and also explores other themes such as women’s legal
and religious right to property, pressurising girls for marriage, and many more problems prevailing in society.

What is the timing of Kuch Ankahi?
Kuch Ankahi first aired on 7 January 2023 on ARY Digital. It ran for 27 episodes and ended on 15 July 2023.

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